WBDR    Bernie Reese
  1111 Robindale Drive, Fenton, MO 6326  636-282-8273
  AMC Charter Member from March 2, 24
  AMC Silent Key in January of 26

  WBOOO    Carver Hall
  1125 Bopp Road, Des Pere, MO 63131  314-965-475
  AMC Regular Member February 6, 25
  Silent Key in November of 28

  K9IDB   Clark A. Johnson, Jr. "Bud"
  937 Barbara Ann Lane, Ellisville, MO 6321  636-27-58
  AMC Charter Member from March 2, 24
  AMC Silent Key in April of 29

One of our Charter Members has passed away. K9IDB "Bud" Clark Johnson. Bud was an avid amateur radio operator and loved our club. He did an outstanding job as our club net control operator for the year 28, and never let anyone know of his sickness. Bud had purchased a 1959 Gonset Communicator radio to use on our new 6 meter AM repeater, and was anxiously awaiting the new club 6 meter net to start. It is sad that he will not be here for that event. Personally, I loved that old man and will miss him greatly. Sincerely, Paul Schlipp KRWU

Bud's daughter Cheryl wrote the following

Dear Friends,

Last December 28th, when Bob and I had the service at church, and I shared words that had been coming into my head over and over, in an emphatic way: Emmanuel, "God is with us" is true at Christmas and every day, we all shared how He had been with us in 2008, and would bring us through whatever joys and sorrows, challenges and good times we would experience in know I wasn't imagining that papa would be leaving us so soon.

You may know that his cancer had come back and was causing him pain, and surgery was no longer an option. A new, better, milder chemo was his only chance, short of a miracle, and of course, we prayed for healing.

The chemo was too much for his body, though, and wiped out his blood cells. Grit and determination got him through shots to stimulate blood cell production that left him weak and aching, blood transfusions, medication, nausea, lack of appetite, pain from his cancer, and so much tiredness.... By Saturday, April 18th, he was only able to eat a few bites of soft foods and drinkable nourishment, and still we hoped that the next chemo treatment would stop the cancer, and he would get better. Sunday evening, when I woke him up to eat something, we knew he needed more help, and called the paramedics to take him to St. Luke's Hospital, where it was discovered that he had suffered a massive stroke.

The Lord was SO MERCIFUL; in spite of the stroke, daddy knew my voice and would squeeze my hand, answer my yes/no questions and try to open his eyes. One time on Monday, I told him I loved him, and he squeezed my hand and mumbled, "I love you, too." His strong heart fought bravely to the very end, but the cancer, stroke, and his breathing difficulties were too much for his weakened body, and we prayed for God to take him home swiftly, if that was His will. I spent two days at his side and Mama was able to be there at the end; I think he fought to linger until she came, and we were both holding his hands as he went with the angels, to Jesus.

His funeral service will be at the Schrader Funeral Home at 14960 Manchester Rd, Saturday, April 25th, at 10:00 AM. Visitation will be Friday evening from 4-8.
You don't have to wear black, if you come; Dad really didn't like black much, and it's a celebration of life over death! After the service, as many as want to will be traveling to the Bement, IL, Township Cemetery, a beautiful little cemetery out in the middle of farm fields, north of Decatur, where mother and dad already have plots among other family members. There, family (not many) who live in the area will gather to bid him goodbye at the graveside.

We know many will not be able to come; there is NO pressure to be here, but we will love seeing those who can. Call if you have any other questions, or if I've left anything out: (636) 399-5260 or (636) 675-4095.

God is good..........all the time. love, Cheryl

In Remembrance of K9IDB "Bud"
Picture of Bud and his Grandson Brian

  NLDA   Cecil F. Wesp
  294 Brightfield Drive, Ballwin, MO 6321  H-636-527-824  No E-Mail:
  AMC Charter Member from March 2, 24
  AMC Silent Key in October 29

  KCVPL   James R. Robinson "Rob"
  15425 Braefield Dr., Chesterfield, MO 6317  CP-314-941-1884
  AMC Regular Membership from December 7, 28
  AMC Silent Key in August 214

  ADSC   Clifford L. Siebert "Cliff"
  1252 Sadie Lane, Fenton, MO 6326   CP-314-616-6722
  AMC Regular Member from April 19, 214
  AMC Silent Key in August 214

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