NTS traffic

When I'm on one of the NTS nets and have a message to send in the ICS-213
format, how should I handle the message?  Is the ICS-213 message format acceptable 

for NTS traffic? 

Paul - KD4OZI


Thanks, Adam (WK4P) for providing me with a copy of Dave (W4DNA) response.


 From: W4DNA - Dave <[email protected]
 Subject: RE: ICS-213
 To: "'Adam Lawler'" <[email protected]
 Date: Tuesday, January 18, 2011, 7:09 PM
 Here is the current answer: RELAYS THROUGH MANUAL NETS/STATIONS
 If the contents of an ICS-213 form (etc.) must be sent  through intermediate  manual relaying stations on Local, Section, or nation-wide
 NTS nets and NTSD, a Radiogram must be created with a valid preamble,  address of the  destination station or site, the ICS-213
contents entered  into the text  block, and a valid signature, including, as necessary, Op  Notes and full a  signature with return address,
phone and/or email contact  information.
The  Radiogram received-from and sent-to record sections must be  
completed.  The  ICS-213 contents must be modified to comply with Radiogram  punctuation rules  for
the text so that standard voicing or CW transmission methods may be  used. This can be cumbersome, but
the ICS-213 itself is not  suitable as a  radio communications format, lacking the tracking and  record
attributes of  the standard ARRL Radiogram.


 This comes from guidance for NTSD (Digital) communications, but addresses  "Manual Nets/Stations".  It will cause some fuss with
 the ARES community,  but we'll be talking about that this weekend during a  "Section Cabinet  Retreat".  (By the way, if you have anything
else you'd like me to  bring up, let me  know!)
 This passage comes from the "Methods and Practices Guide" -  THE guide for  NTS traffic.

 73 de W4DNA - Dave
 North Carolina Section Traffic Manager
 AEC Central Carolina SkyWarn, Wayne Co.
 [email protected]


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