Automatic Position Reporting System

Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) is anamateur radio based system for digital communications, most commonly used to automatically report the position (GPS coordinates) of a person or object, or weather data at a remote location. It was developed by Bob Bruninga,callsignWB4APR, at theUnited States Naval Academy. The acronym "APRS" was originally derived from his call sign, and subsequently expanded to "Automatic Position Reporting System". As the system was modified and expanded to handle non-position packet data, the meaning of the "P" in the acronym was again changed to "Packet" rather than "Position". Today, both Mr. Bruninga and almost all hams use the term "Position".


UI-View Home Stations - APRS,WIDE2-2 @ 30 min

Other Home Stations - WIDE2-2 @ 30 min

Mobile Stations - WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2

Personal Trackers - WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2 or the Call Sign of the relay station.






A.P.R.S Info Pages

Getting Started With A.P.R.S.


APRS Symbol Chart


  KB7TBT Location House   


KJ4DUN-9 Location Car


KB7TBT-9 Location Car
KB7TBT-10 Location Port



 List of APRS Emergency Beacons recorded - last 24 hours
 Track, Location, Current Position and Messaging of APRS Stations
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 View track for call    
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 Messages from/to call 
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To see current APRS activity in specific regions on detailed maps
 Call in * - all stations, orN1*, or W1*,W2*,KA7*

Warning- large scale maps will have positions distortedsomewhat!

APRS Weather Stations: View Weather Data - Use specific CALL-SSID (no wildcard)
 Table summary   from call for the last hours
 Graphic summary from call for the last hours
Find APRS Weather Stations in the vicinity of

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Display Raw Data for Specific Station - Use specific CALL-SSID (no wildcard)
Position -  for call start hrs ago, get hrs of data
Weather - for call start hrs ago, get hrs of data

The forms on this page access the cgi query scripts written by Steve Dimse ( andretrieve data from his APRS server database at html/web based concept was derived from a page written by Dennis Sell,N9WTM


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