Svalbard Activity April 2001 By JW9XGA

Svalbard Information

Svalbard is Norwegian territory, halfway between the North Pole and mainland Norway. The 63 000 square kilometers of Arctic expanse, fjords and glaciers is an exotic untamed and magnificent travel destination. Despite the fact that Svalbard has only been known for about 400 years, the group of islands have an exciting and rich history, attested to by the many historical sites. The population is about 3000, more or less evently distributed between Norwegians and Russians. The main economic activity is coal mining, and the major settlements on the islands are mining company towns. There is also extensive scientific research activity going on. The administrative center is Longyearbyen, where the offices of the Svalbard Govenor are located. The nature here is wild and beautiful, but at the same time very fragile, so all travel and other activities takes place on nature's terms The wildlife on the islands includes reindeer, seal, fox and walrus, as well as millions of seabirds. The king of the Artic is of course the polar bear, wich can be found anywhere on the islands during the winter, also occasionally in Longyearbyen and other populated areas. During the summer, the bear retreats to the northern parts of Svalbard as the ice melts. Stray animals can still be found in the southern parts even in summer time, so one should always be prepared for possible bear encounters when leaving populated areas. Thanks to the warm North Atlantic currents, Svalbard's climate is not as cold as you would expect at such latitudes. The mean temperature in Longyearbyen is around 5 degrees Celsius in mid-summer and between -8 to -16 degrees Celsius in winter time. The climate is very dry, being called an "artic desert". In the summer time there's midnight sun, while in winter time you have the pitch dark polar night.

General DX-pedition information

The main purpose of this April trip to Svalbard is to explore as much as possible of the area around Longyearbyen and Barentsburg. I will participate in a number of snowmobiletrips, dogsledtours, and skiingtrips, so the Amateur Radio activity is restricted to the spare time.

  • Operator: LA9XGA Tor-Atle "Tor"
  • Qth: JW5E Club hut in Longyearbyen.
  • Iota: EU-026.
  • Grid: JQ78TF.
  • Operating Dates: 07-April to 20-April 2001
  • Operating Callsign: JW9XGA.
  • Operating Modes: CW , SSB , RTTY , PSK31
  • QSL Info: Direct to Tor-Atle Sandal, Hamnaflot 6, N-4200 Sauda, Norway.
  • Operating Bands: 160-10m including WARC.
  • Operating Frequency:

    1823 CW ------ 1843 SSB ----- 1842 RTTY ----- 1838.150 PSK31
    3525 CW ------ 3770 SSB ----- 3585 RTTY ----- 3580.150 PSK31
    7025 CW ------ 7060 SSB ----- 7037 RTTY ----- 7035.150 PSK31
    10108 CW ------------------------ 10145 RTTY --- 10142.150 PSK31
    14025 CW --- 14270 SSB --- 14075 RTTY --- 14070.150 PSK31
    18072 CW --- 18143 SSB --- 18105 RTTY --- 18100.150 PSK31
    21025 CW --- 21243 SSB --- 21085 RTTY --- 21070.150 PSK31
    24920 CW --- 24943 SSB --- 24925 RTTY --- 24920.150 PSK31
    28100 CW --- 28300 SSB --- 28130 RTTY --- 28120.150 PSK31


  • Trancseiver: Icom IC-735.
  • Linear: Yaesu FL-2100Z
  • Tuner: Daiwa CNW-518.
  • Keyer: Star Master Key.
  • Paddle: Bencher.
  • Power Supply: MFJ-4225MV.
  • Tnc: AEA PK-232MBX.
  • Log: OH1AA V6.42
  • Computer: Toshiba T-4700CT.
  • Software: WinPack V6.5 , WinPSKse 2.01 , GeoClock 8.3
  • Antennas: Dipoles, Vertical and a 5-el Yagi.
  • Phone: Motorola L7089.

On line log search

Within 24 hours after you have had a contact with me, you now have the opportunity to search the log for your QSO. Click one or both of the check boxes in the applet below to select the log to search. Enter a callsign and click the "search" button. The search will then start and any QSO's will be displayed in the box. Use the "clear" button to clear all fields and start a new search. Wildcard searches are allowed e.g. enter "LA1*" then all LA1 stations worked will be displayed in the applet window.

Sorry but the search applet requires a java aware browser.

With thanks to Richard Everitt G4ZFE for the search applet.

How to contact me

Before, under and after the operation, you can contact me via the e-mail address below. I would appreciate any reports on my on line log search system. Also signal and propagation reports.

73s and see you in the pile up's de JW9XGA "Tor"

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