JR3XUH's memorial QSL cards

These are some QSLs that I have been using.


The cards that I used when I started to QRV. Isseued about 50. This is made by woodblock. When I used this card, I was a junior high student, that because I could use this cards though it costed me a lot of time to make the cards.

The card with black shade (right one) needs twice the time to print but looks nice, I remember issued more than 100.

This is a woodblock of the printed QSL above.

These three cards were the first-ever mass produced cards. Because I was a representative of News Paper Club of the junior high school, I used printing machine of the school to print these cards. All charactors were type-written by my friend Chobi, who got a professor of a university, who was only one person to have a type-writer at that era. Also I wrote the call sighn portion by "pencil". Refering VK3CO's QSL card, I used a Boyscout mark as the symbol mark.

This is the first ever order-made QSL. I ordered to make the best price cards for 2,000, but used up for almost one year !

This is current QSL, that I have been using. I orderd 4,000, but half of them are still left.

These are the same looks, but different color. JR0BFC was my second call sign, that I was using when I was an university student.

From here are NEW cards, that I have been using after the quake.
PC and its periferal such as digital cameras and/or printers, and e_QSL and QSO-Bank(like Japanese domestic e_QSL system) allows us to make/use these new QSL very convenient.


I'm using this card mostly for now. The card is for kind of memory for a combination of TS-900 and R-599 that is one of the DREAM of Japanese mid-age radio amature.
Left: QSL I'm using at QSO-BANK. Took by degital camera and edited at Photoshop slightly. Bottom white portion is for QSO data.
Right: Paper form QSL I'm using for buro. I have some modified editions of this QSL such as English version.

Also this is kind of the memory for Yaesu twinds FL^FRdx400.
Left: Use for QSO-Bank.
Right: Sorry for monochorome, but I orderd for this card for printing shop.

The QSL with firework. We have a fireworks at Kobe port every summer, I useally issue this card for QSOs on summer vacation. This is simpllly printed by home printer, but this is popular among the friends.

This is a QSL for celebration of getting WACA Awards. I issued about 100.

When I QRV from Nara-city, where I'm located in, I issue this QSL card. Nara-city was one of the oldest capitals of Japan, about 1300 years ago (before Kyoto !!). We have a lot of temples and pagodas in Nara, I design this QSL as Nara like. From Nara, I often QRV on 160 meter, and since a station from Nara on 160 meter is rare, I wrote "Nara" at the face of the QSL.

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