8N3HES ARISS School contact

8N3HES, Hirano Elementary School, Kobe, Japan scseeded in ARISS School contact at 0759z-0810z 18 February, 2003. This is the 3rd Japanese ARISS School contact.

Proposed questions for Hirano Elementary are followings. But due to QRM on ISS, the questions were asked on over to No.8.

1. How do you dump your garbage?
2. Is it hot or cold in the space?
3. What do you do when you become sick?
4. How many people can the international spade station hold at maximum?
5. Is it possible for children and old people to go to the space station?
6. How do you take a bath?
7. What will you bring with you if you have to live in the space for your whole life?
8. How long have you been trained before going to the space?
9. Are the moon and stars beautiful from the space?
10. What is the temperature at the space station?
11. What kind of canned food do you eat?
12. What's the most amazing in the space?
13. What will you do if you're hit by meteors?
14. What is the convenient living in the space?
15. Was going to the space your dream in the childhood?
16. Do you believe in the existence of ETs and UFOs?
17. What is the most enjoyable event in the space station?
18. Can you swallow property under zero gravity?
19. Can you throw a ball faster in the space than on the earth?
20. What time is it now at the space station?

Here is the MP3 audio file which I received on 2m. You can hear the NA1SS voice.

de Masa JN1GKZ Tokyo Japan

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