Northern Southeast Alaska ARES Net

- Preamble -
(Revised April 2006)

For more information contact Patrick Cuddihy, AL7I – NSEAK ARES EC.

[Download an MSWORD version of this Preamble here]


Please remember to start the net promptly at 1900 hours (7:00 pm).



QST QST QST.   Good evening and welcome.  This is amateur station <your call sign> - <your call sign phonetically>, net control for tonight’s session of the Northern Southeast Alaska ARES Net.  My name is <your name > and I am transmitting from < your location> on the < repeater>.


[BREAK] - Unkey


This net meets every Tuesday at 1900 hours local Juneau time on this linked repeater system.  A PL or sub-audible tone is not required for access.  In the event of a repeater system failure net operations will be conducted on the national simplex frequency of 146.52.


If an actual emergency or disaster were to occur the net would convene on either this repeater system or the national simplex frequency.


[BREAK] - Unkey


The purpose of this net is to:

  1. Check the readiness of ARES members and their equipment,
  2. To conduct informal training,
  3. To validate different communications paths for use during times of emergency, and
  4. To make general announcements pertaining to amateur radio.

This is a directed net – therefore all communications are under the direction of the Net Control Station (NCS).   Participation is open to all amateur radio operators.

[BREAK] - Unkey


Stations will be asked to check-in according to their geographical location.   Net control will acknowledge all check-in’s.


When checking in to the net please say “this is” and then release you’re Push-To-Talk to see if you are doubling with anyone.  If not, then proceed by giving your call sign and your location.   If you have an announcement, please add the words “with announcement ”.


Visiting stations are always welcome and will be invited to check in after the regular roll call.


[BREAK] - Unkey


Is there any Emergency or Priority traffic?  Please list now and all stations please copy. (Over)


Roll call follows: à   (Pause briefly, but do not unkey)


à   (Acknowledge all check-in’s.)    à   (You may ask twice for check-in’s from each location.)






Ö  This completes our formal roll call.   Do we have any visitors with us tonight?  Please use your call sign only to check in at this time. (Over)


I will now call for announcements.  à   (Skip this section if there are no announcements.)


Station <call sign> ; please go ahead with your announcement. (Over)


Thank you <call sign > for that announcement.  Does any station have a question or comment regarding that announcement? (Over)


à   (Repeat until all announcements have been heard.)


Is there anything else to bring before the net tonight? (Over)


Volunteers for net control duties are always welcome and encouraged.   If anyone is interested in volunteering to be next weeks NCS please call now. (Over)


As a reminder then, next weeks NCS will be <call sign >.


Thank you everyone for your participation and support of this net.   Thanks also go to the Juneau Amateur Radio Club for providing this repeater system.  This is Amateur Station <your call sign > , net control for the Northern Southeast Alaska ARES net closing the net at <hours-minutes > local time. 


The repeater is now returned to regular use.   This is < your call sign> clear.