10,137.3  MHz


QRG    10,137.3 MHz
mode    A1
antenna    Dipole 
QTF    East-West
power    2 W
QTH    Monselice (PD)
a.s.l.   25 mt
status    24 h

Hear the signal:    15 Km distance

      1) The "two boxes". Above you can see the             
      transmitter and under the CW generator.        

2) Internal view of  beacon.                                  


3) First test: 2W output, it's all OK.                       


4)  First time "on the air"!!!!                                      


 5) View of the dipole antenna.                                 
          At present the direction is East-West.                      

7) All the reports will be appreciated via            
 bureau, e-mail ik3nwx@libero.it  or direct: 
Silvano Zambon, Via D. Bramante 12          
45100 Rovigo (Italy)