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My name's Silvio and I live in Torino, a city (850.000 inhabitants) in north west Italy, near french border. I was professionally involved in telecommunications on the data field,  good background for the new technologies related ham activity. I have got my VHF licence in late 1983 and from the very beginning I was really motivated by the great possibilities offered by VHF band. During the following years, my main interest remained on 144 MHz, where a broad range of propagations mode, from Tropo to Meteor Scatter, from FAI to Sporadic E, may be tested. Ham activity suggested me a continous deepening of VHF propagation theories, from those not yet all discovered like ES and FAI, to meteor burst communications or radio auroras forecast
In January 2001  I start activity on 50 MHz, with great satisfaction.  DXCC 6 meters #512 was completed in 10 months, with the help of good F2 openings.
Now,  time to time, I am also a crew of IZ1BPN team during EME contest on 1296 MHz.

On this site you found reports of my activity on 2 and 6 meters and some tips about VHF propagation.

Member of   

ARI Sezione di Torino

nr. 2178

Turin VHF group