I was born on 29 July 1964 in Montecatini Terme (Pistoia),Italy.
In this picture I was about 1 year old.

Oh yes...I have had a Ferrari car!

My first school's day,with my father trying to encourage me.I suppose this picture was taken on some day of September 1970.

I've been under Italian Army Artillery as Meteorological analyst from December 1983 until December 1984.

My old setup with the "myth" DRAKE C - LINE

I took my ham license on 10 July 1982,when I was 18 years old.First approach to ham-radio has been during my school period at the Antonio Pacinotti's Professional Institute in Montecatini,where my teacher,Mario Bucciantini,I5ESR sometimes was talking about "QSO" and "CW"...Absolutely unknow terms to me.Anyway him was able to convince me to try and after I passed the ham-radio exams I had my callsign:IK5BCU.My first interests were DX,expecially on Low-Bands.I practiced CW and RTTY and some international Contests.After a little pause of minor radio interest,I come back again now around Digital Transmissions:Packet-Radio,Tcp/Ip,Internet.This last, also if discovered lately in my life,really fascinated me,so much to make me "build"this Web-Site.On this picture is the glorious DRAKE "C" Line,may be unknown to youngers OM.

Actually I have a KENWOOD TS-950 SDX.

The IK5BCU's KLM KT-34 on 18 meters Tower

This picture represents my antenna system.The tower is a modular structure composed by 6 sections 3 meters each.The guy wire is a thick nylon rope,attached only at 2 levels since the weight of all the system is limited.From the higher point time to time I tested several antennas,principally dipoles,slopers,loops,to try on the 75meters,where I was avid dx-hunter and also Long-Path attender.I still remember the big effort to put a 350 meters Beverage Antenna inside my dense woodlands.Not visible is the dualband collinear ground-plane that I use for my Tcp/Ip AX25 transmissions along with ICOM IC-2000 and AeA PK-88 tnc at 1.2Kbps.Recently I added a DRSI DPK-9600 and a Motorola GM350 to my Packet Radio equipment.Also I configured a Linux machine running JNOS 1.11e,but it is still "under construction".Now I can also enjoy the APRS using the TH-D7e transceiver from Kenwood.Currently some changes have taken effect:Linux machine is working as planned using a Red Hat 6.2 on a i486DX2 computer with a customized 2.2.18 kernel for AX25 support.This machine hosts the following applications:JNOS 1.11f , AWZNode , Xnet , XFBB that I use for my Ham Radio and IK5BCU-8 (FBB).Next project is the activation of a 38k4 bps link operating at 1296MHz.



IK5BCU about 10 years ago

I'am the older of 4 brothers (1 female,3males);my father has been for many years a shoemaker,now he is still working in the same field as production director;my mother has been a primary school teacher,now retired.I live in an old country house on the side of a hill.Here we have quiet and green.Approximately here living about 700 families,so it's a small village.

Here a view of my house took from the side of the hill.From this point I look toward EAST.As you see I'am not living exactly on the so called "IDEAL HAM RADIO LOCATION".

The only one line of sight (almost) it is toward SSE 120 deg. (Indian Ocean),this explains as I can have LONG PATH qso's with W6's easier than via SHORT PATH!

During the winter season we often have snow as this picture shows.


This pretty girl is my young niece,her name is NAJLA (I think arab name).This year (2000) she will leave for JERSEY island located near the Great Britain's southern coast.She will go there to spent an holiday/job period also to enhance her ENGLISH.

Of course I wish her all the best and Good Luck.

This huge boy is my younger brother Alessandro,he is a real U.S.A. lover and he speaks ENGLISH very well.This picture shows him during one of his many stateside trips.Unluckily,or may be luckily,depends from which point you see the topic,I'am the only one ham radio here,sometimes I'd like to have a "second operator".Alessandro instead likes very much different things,RADIO for him it's a waste of time.

I cannot avoid to insert my beloved Grandmother,her name is Liliana but we call her Lilli.She was born in Florence in 1921,she will never forget her birthtown that will remains forever into her heart.She doesn't like very much to live here since this place is completely different from her habits;expecially the surrounding silence renders her homesickness,this inspire her poetic imagination.

She likes to write poems and to knit.


Here my mother,during Alessandro's birthday some years ago.

Her name is Carla and she loves country,painting and animals.


IK5BCU during the 1998 N.A.B.B.A.Italian Body Building Championship




Here I'am during the Italian Body Building Championship in Aqui Terme (SV) Italy.It was my first attempt to this big event,so my qualifification has been not very good;by the way I won the regional title,so a little bit of emotional incentive to do better in the future.I started this sport too late to reach high levels,also it requests a very good genetic base to achieve the best results (as professional).The most important thing, also if it could appears "strange", is the diet rather than the gym-training:many professionals affirms that diet is the 70 per cent of importance during the preparation.

Pass your mouse on my picture and turn on your speakers! ...The music you're listening in background is the FLUKE "ABSURD" soundtrack used also by BMW TV advertisement.I used it during my posedown in Aqui Terme....