Rotating Camera

Flavio dressed as Pinocchio 1971 - probably is around Febrary or March, just started walking and dressed Pinocchio style !
Flavio with a puppy cat 1971 - late that year, with a puppy cat ... maybe younger than me ?
Flavio with pigeons 1974 - Milan,Italy in the DUOMO square. I wasn't glad to have a picture with shitty pigeons !
Flavio with a baby alligator 1997 - Everglades Natural Park, Florida, holding a 3 feet alligator
Flavio aboard the Queen Mary 1999 - Long Beach,CA in the commander deck of the Queen Mary
Flavio on mount Palomar 1999 - Mt.Palomar,CA at the telescope entrance. The triangle sign indicate the presence of rattlesnakes.
Flavio in China 1 2000 - Tian An Men square in Beijing, P.R. of China
Flavio in China 2 2000 - in the Forbidden City Garden with a Chinese friends.
Flavio at Birthday party 2001 - a birthday party in San Jose, CA
Flavio at Pacific Ocean Coast 2001 - The alone cypress on the Pacific Ocean Coast
Flavio with a peluche bear 2001 - a friend in San Francisco, CA
Flavio at aircarrier deck 2001 - aboard the USS Hornet 12 (aircraft carrier)
Flavio near an aircraft 2001 - posing in the aircraft deck of the USS Hornet 12
Flavio drinking a beer in Germany 2003 - Frauinsel at Chiemsee, Bayern (Germany)
Flavio in the Inge's Kitchen 2003 - cooking gnocchi at Frau Inge house, Vitznau (Switzerland)
Flavio with a wood dog 2003 - a cute and funny dog near Vitznau
Flavio near an old elk hunt trophy 2004 - visiting the Meersburg castle in Baden Wurttemberg (Germany)
Flavio badge picture 2005 - this is the picture I used to have on the Celestica badge
Flavio mounting a mammut 2005 - inside a museum in Luzern, Switzerland
Flavio with Robocop 2005 - another museum in Luzern
Flavio at Schaffausen waterfalls 2005 - the Rhein Falls ... a must to see becasue the big water mass
Flavio at the Dornier in Friedrichshafen 2010 - visiting the Dornier in Friedrichshafen
Flavio con il magico Raul Cremona 2012 - with the great Italian magician Raul Cremona