Omino seduto in ufficio che si dondola sulla sedia


1989 - Few months experience repairing Audio Devices and Radios (some TV).

1989 - First entered in IBM with a 18 months contract as production operator (4th level emp.)

1992 - Regular Employment Running maintenance on automated system for Loader/Unloader Burn In Boards and Laser Marker Systems (job on shifts). (5th level emp.) (A loader/unloader is a machine to put and remove electronic components on a board. The board is filled in a oven to provide thermal stress on the components. A Laser Marker is a machine that print on electronic devices - like writing the company logo and part number).

1994 - Maintenance Focal Point (Maintenance Schedules and Spare Parts Managing) for gravity handler systems (Daymarc) including upgrades installations. A handler is an automated system to move (handle) electronic devices. Gravity Handler means that you fill components on the top of the machine, they move down into a test position because gravity, that you remove them after test.

1995 - Maintenance Focal Point on the new Aetrium/Symtek pick and place memory handlers (a pick and place memory handler is a machine to handle memory modules (like RAM for PC) using vacuum to suck the devices and air to release them. Gravity and Pick and Place are the two categories of machine to handle electronic components).

1996 - Equipment Engineer for Aetrium and new Daymarc 3287 handlers. This include the maintenancers training service to maintenancers (VI level emp.)

1998 - Member of S.E.C. (Strategic Equipment Council) teamwork with Burlington, Bromont, Ireland and Vimercate to choose before you buy modules handler systems. (In this case Equipments are all machines used to handle electronic devices).

1999 - Worked on a thermal system to cool down dry air using LN2. The system was cooling at -10C about 10-16 handlers. Worked in a team to built an automated system from scratch parts. This system was a loader/unloader machine for burn in boards for two different packages without any setup (300 and 400 Mils SOJ packages).

1999 - Optical Link Card Team to buy the instruments and helping to install the testers (an optical link card is a electronic device that convert an electrical signal into a light signal such as a laser light, to send information (data) using a fiber optic (Light Pipe).

2000 - Joined Celestica Italia Srl - Engineer in the IBM SSD Tester Group (SSD is Storage System Devices that means a rack system with several electronic components such as Hard Drives). SSD is an IBM division.

2001 - Full year assignee at a customer site to technically represent Celestica (the customer was IBM). My office was inside the customer facility between their FA (failure analysis ) and their development Laboratory. I was participating in all their meetings (both dev. and FA) including New Products Strategies I was presenting charts to the customers including yields and status of Celestica Activities.

2002 - (April) Partecipation at the Celestica Leadership Development Center.

2002 - June - Assigned on a new customer account. The new customer is ENEL , the electrical power distribution company of Italy. My job is the training for new employes and new maintenancers. Caring about problems on the manufacturing line and optimaze the process and resources.

2003 - (August)

Completed the ASQ's Foundation in Quality Learning Series - Quality 101 (ASQ - American Society for Quality). Quality 101 is a self-directed, basic-level training program designed to introduce quality concepts and tools to employees new to quality and to refresh the skills of those with some background in quality. Companies looking for basic quality training to satisfy ISO training requirements should also consider this program as an easy way to train varied audiences. The content expertly covers the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for entry-level practitioners and those who support the practice of business excellence.

2003 - returned on the IBM business as Manufacturing Engineer

2004 - New position as Site Supplier Engineer. Actually I care about electronic components and all problems we have with our suppliers. I both support buyers, our manufacturing and our customer teams. The components I care are : resistors, capacitors, inductors, oscillators, LED, diodes and static relays. I also care to get credit notes or replacement of parts from our suppliers.

2004 - Self Training for NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming on Basic of Communication (R.Blander/J.Grinder System of Santa Cruz University of California)

2005 - ROHS compliance electronic components training

2006 - September - Sales company (ALMES s.r.l.) import from China and export to Europe for small power electrical motors. Sales support as Laboratory Responsible.

2007 - November - IMQ Low Voltage Laboratory. IMQ is the Italian Quality Mark Institute (equivalent as VDE in Germany, CSA in Canada and UL in USA). I verify electrical and domotics devices for the standards filling reports (Test Report Form) following standards IEC 60884, CEI 23-50, EN 50075, EN 60669, EN 60730.

Basic training for devices for explosive area installations ATEX (directive EU 94/9/CE).

2008 - Training and exam for programmer and installation of KNX Domotics (Konnex partner). KNX is approved as an International Standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3) as well as an European Standard (CENELEC EN 50090 and CEN EN 13321-1) and Chinese Standard (GB/Z 20965).

2009 - May, 28th - Speaker at a small conference about certification of domotics products at Milan Fair - LivinLuce

2009 - July - working for our partner C.S.A. (Canadian Standard Association) for some project with Standards : C22.2 #s 158; 94.1; 126.1 and UL #s 1059; 50 and NEMA VE1

2009 - September - Briefing on domotic systems (KONNEX oriented) at ALBIQUAL meeting, (ALBO DEI COSTRUTTORI QUALIFICATI DI IMPIANTI ELETTRICI)

2015 - October - Electrical medical equipment laboratory
Training for radiation protection - ionizing radiation (X-rays)


Electrical Technology, Knows about practical mechanic concepts, Software and Hardware Applications, about Radio Frequency effects, Fiber Optics, a Planner Schedulers, Managing released capital budgets, Highly organized / detail oriented, Dedicated, flexible, self-motivated, multi-skilled teams leader and a lot more. Knows about Windows Systems (Installation and setup). Customer presentations and caring.


1995 - Burlington, VT and San Diego, CA

1996 - San Diego, CA

1998 - San Diego, CA

1999 - Burlington, VT/ San Diego, CA/ Munich (Semicon 1999), Germany/ Rochester, MN

2000 - Beijing, China / San Jose, CA / Budapest, Hungary

2001 - San Jose,CA (including Semicon 2001)

2006 - Switzerland, Germany, Guangdond & Zheijiang (PR China)

2007 - Shenzhen, Dongguang, Enping, Shunde & Ningbo (PR China)


Italian and Good English (americanized)


Amateur Radio with Italian full class license since 1992 , USA FCC Tech Plus since 1996 and General Class since March 2001. Chinese License since 2000 to Dec 2001.

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