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I have several hobbies, such as radio transceivers, computers, wine and beer tasting and I'm a magician. I started with both first at my school age and still using both of them.Several years ago I used to collect mail stamps as well, but not much left of that and sometime I also play chess. I like to walk, drive and visiting museums especially as castles. Radio started when I was quite because a broken leg after some soccer. For wine I have a taster license ( and for beer I have a bier sommelier diploma earned in Germany (

I'm an amateur radio since 1991 and currently hold an Italian Full Class license as IK2XYU and a USA FCC General Class as KF6EEZ. I used other call because traveling and the most famous are IK2XYU/BY1DX and IK2XYU/BY1PK from China. Computer started to play games but developed time by time especially after my 10 years working at IBM, not as programmer but using them a lot.

For the biersommelier here is my website:

For the magician here is my website:

What Can Amateur Radio Operators Do?

Ham radio operators use two-way radio stations from their homes, cars, boats and outdoors to make hundreds of friends around town and around the world. They communicate with each other using voice, computers, and Morse code.

Some hams bounce their signals off the upper regions of the atmosphere, so they can talk with hams on the other side of the world. Other hams use satellites. Many use hand-held radios that fit in their pockets.

Hams exchange pictures of each other using television. Some also like to work on electronic circuits, building their own radios and antennas. A few pioneers in Amateur Radio have even contributed to advances in technology that we all enjoy today. There are even ham-astronauts who take radios with them on the International Space Station and thrill thousands of hams on earth with a call from space!

Using even the simplest of radio setups and antennas, amateurs communicate with each other for fun, during emergencies, and even in contests