TNC Modem To start using the program UI-VIEW, you can download it on the author webpage. The author was G4IDE. He died in Sept. 2004. Follow the instruction to register your copy of UI-View donating some money to a cancer reaserch association. You find the at the As soon the program is downloaded, you can install it and run the setups and personalizations.


You need this setup to indicate to the program if you are using a TNC or Modem or others systems and eventually the communication port (serial port). The program run also if using the AGWPE Driver. Set this COMMs as appropriate for your system.


This setup is important to tell the program the basic information to run APRS, such as your call, your Latitude and Longitude, the beacon transmission timing (Fixed). Without the Fixed time the beacon will be disabled. Use appropriate and real Symbols to represent your station !


Enable this section only if you know what you are doing ! If you don't understand the mean of DIGI or RELAY, WIDE and TRACE, please ask to some local expert user of APRS to indicate for the setup. If you start with APRS, you don't need this. Usually the decision to activate a DIGI is because you are APRS live 24H in an excellent position. Remember .. don't create interference with existing systems.