Some digital projects

HAM radio projects.

  • BERte - Bit Error Rate test equipment. This test equipment was designed for testing radio frequency data links. It provides the pseudo random data stream and the clock for the digital data transmitter and requires data and clock from the receiver. For each wrong received bit detected a pulse is generated. Counting the error's pulses you can validate the data link.
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Electronics projects.

  • DCDVM - Dual Channel Digital Volt Meter. It is a dual channel digital volt meter with a 20 characters dual lines LCD display. It uses a dual channel 12 bit serial AD converter and the 16F84 PIC. Actually the SW display only the voltage, but with some SW add-on it can be useful as voltage/current/power meter for power supply, as SWR meter with direct and reverse power indication and for other tasks where you have to measure two electrical signals (and perhaps compute some other parameter). RS-232 serial interface can be added.

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