HZ1AB Photo Album

  • Bill Hawes, W9ERG, and Bill Wassom in front of HZ1AB, 1953-54
  • HZ1HZ photos from 1984
  • Some of the HZ1AB operatorsFormer HZ1AB Op - Jeff Hambleton, G4KIB, furnished more photos of some the ops as well as some interesting views of Jeff working on the rhombic installation.

  • Big Antenna Party for a big station. Former HZ1AB Op - Jeff Hambleton, G4KIB, furnished these photos of the stacked array on the 140 foot tower. Descriptions by Terry, K4RX, who designed the antenna layout.
  • HZ1AB Pix from 1994These pictures were furnished by Ken GWRHC. This page is under construction and more pictures will be added shortly. Sept. 5, 1997.
  • 1960s - HZ1AB Ops and KilowattThese pictures were furnished by Cliff Swann, W5SMI (ex: 7Z3AA).
  • John, KB6CU (SK), ex-WB6IKI & Connie Dudek Photo taken at Dhahran Airport. John was ex: KB6CU/VR1AC (Canton) and KX6JD.
  • Sam Seikaly, WA6BRE sent some good photos showing some of the operators and the layout of the station in the 1980's.
  • Views of HZ1AB station, operators, plus Mike Grosko's (K5VK) visit to A92Q. Several photos.
  • HZ1AB Contest Operators 1994 and 1995 CQWW tests. Several photos.
  • Scotty, W8AM 1953, Chief Operator, HZ1AB.
  • Andy Digby, GJLXOperator, HZ1AB
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