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FT-100 New

DX-77 Alinco

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The Alinco DX-77 is a versatile 100W HF transceiver with the addition of a general coverage receiver. This desktop transceiver has been specifically designed with high performance and economy all in one package. The fitting of the connectors and plugs have been ergonomically designed so no fiddling round the back to connect the Morse key etc, its even supplied with an internal speaker.
Tx: 1.8-30MHz (160-10m Amateur Bands)  * SSB, CW, FM 100W, AM 40W * Rx: 500kHz-30MHz Gen Coverage * 100 memories * Two VFOs * Split operation mode * Full QSK CW   operation * QRM/QRN reduction with IF shift * RF attenuator * Noise blanker * All-mode squelch * Quick off-set RIT * Speech compressor * 2W audio (8 Ohms) * Size: 246 x 94 x 228mm * Weight: 3.8kg

IC-756PRO Icom

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The IC-756PRO places a whole range of new features within reach of the serious HF operator and DX enthusiast. It is a true HF+6m DSP transceiver with 32-bit, floating point, IF DSP. This refined level of processing improves noise reduction and provides auto-notch functions. Not available until December 99.
* Receive: USB, LSB, CW, RTTY, AM, FM * 300kHz - 60MHz,  * Transmit: (UK ham bands) * 160 - 6m, 100-5W (all modes accept AM) (40-5W AM carrier) * 32-bit, floating point, IF DSP * Digital twin Pass Band Tuning * 5in TFT colour LCD * Memory channels 101 * Real-time spectrum scope * Dual watch * Digital IF filter - 51 selectable bandwidths * Digital voice memory / CW memory keyer contents * Low distortion, RF type, speech compressor * Built-in RTTY demodulator/dual peak APF * Auto ATU built-in (1.8-54MHz) * Antenna connectors SO-239  * Power requirement: 13.8V DC * Current consumption: Tx max 23A * Current consumption: Rx max 2.7A * Audio: 2.0W (8 Ohms) * Size: 340 x 111 x 285mm * Weight: 9.6kg

IC-746 Icom

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The IC-746 is a true all-band transceiver offering you the chance to install a complete HF and VHF station in a small space. The big brother to the IC-706MkIIG it has many additional features. The large LCD window is unique to Icom, it is very easy to read and carries a lot of very useful information. There is a very fast internal ATU and it is fitted with built-in SWR and power meter so that you dont need an external meter to check your antennas.
* Receive: USB, LSB, CW, RTTY, AM, FM * 300kHz - 60MHz, 108-174MHz, * Transmit: (UK ham bands) * 160 - 6m, 2m 5-100W (all modes accept AM) (2-40W AM carrier) * DSP receiver filters * CW audio filters * Large LCD readout * Band scope * Memory channels 102 * Alpha numeric memories * Digital S / RF meter * 4 channel electronic keyer * Twin pass band tuning * Super noise blanker * CTCSS encode / decode * Auto ATU built-in (1.8-54MHz) * Antenna connectors SO-239 x 3 * Power requirement: 13.8V DC * Current consumption: Tx max 20A * Current consumption: Rx max 2.7A * Audio: 2.0W (8 Ohms) * Size: 287 x 120 x 316.5mm * Weight: 8.9kg


ic-706iig.jpg (15966 bytes)

The IC-706MkIIG DSP is the enhanced version of this popular HF/VHF mobile rig. It has more features but in the same physical size. New features include 70cm UHF band, extended receive to 470MHz. Power has been increased to 50W on 2m and 20W on 70cm as well as narrow FM capability with the FM deviation set for 2.5kHz, ideal for the new 12.5kHz channel spacings. Excellent performance allows this transceiver to be used as your main rig for the HF, VHF and UHF bands if required. 
Rx: 30kHz - 470MHz, LSB, USB, CW, RTTY, AM, FM, WFM  * Tx: 5-100W 1.8 - 50MHz,  2-40W AM, 1-50W 144MHz FM, 1-20W FM 430MHz * 102 memories * Narrow FM 12.5kHz * Crossband split * Sub dial second VFO * Spectrum scope * DSP built-in * Detachable front panel * Built-in CW keyer * 13.8V DC * 20A Tx, 1.9A Rx * Audio: 2W * Size 167 x 58 x 200mm * Weight: 2.5kg

IC-775DSP Icom

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The IC-775DSP engineered from the ground up using high-quality components, offers features and performance youll find nowhere else. The digital noise reduction section is designed to handle the most difficult QSOs and makes reception both comfortable and possible. The automatic notch filter completely removes hetrodynes whilst the 80Hz narrow filter can make a weak CW signal sound like its just down the road. maximum power output is always achieved by virtue of the built-in antenna tuner and the receiver pre-amp and attenuator help you cope with todays wide dynamic range of signals experienced on the various bands. This rig offers 3dB over its rivals because of the 200W output achieved from its FET power amplifier. All in all the IC-775DSP is a true DX machine with a lovely receiver and a hunky transmitter. * Receive: SSB, CW, AM, FM, RTTY * 100kHz - 30MHz  * Transmit: 1.800 - 1.999MHz, 3.500 - 3.999MHz,  7.000 - 7.300MHz, 10.100 - 10.150MHz,  14.000 - 14.350MHz,  18.068 - 18.168MHz,  21.000 - 21.450MHz,   24.890 - 24.990MHz,  28.000 - 29.700MHz * 5 - 200W RF output SSB/CW/RTTY/FM * 5 - 50W RF output AM * 101 Memories (99 regular, 2 scan edges) * 230V AC (220-240V) switchable * Power consumption: Tx max 760VA * Power consumption: Rx max 150VA * Audio: 2.6W (8 Ohms) * Size: 424 x 150 x 390mm * Weight: 16.7kg

505DSP Kachina

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The Kachina 505DSP transceiver is manufactured to the latest highest commercial specifications, and offers exceptional 16/24 bit DSP/DDS performance. It covers all 9 amateur HF bands plus 100kHz to 30MHz receive all modes. The computer control has enabled features normally associated with more expensive equipment; features such as on-screen logging, built-in band-sweep display with point and click frequency tuning. You can get an instantaneous readout of your antenna impedance from the built-in Smith chart. There is no need to constantly refer to the manual or remember which button to press. On-screen help menus get you started and keep you going. Most functions are intuitive, with drop-down menus and hot keys. Truly 100% computer controlled. 
* Tx: All HF Ham bands 160m - 10m * Rx: 0.1-30MHz * Modes: USB, LSB, AM, CW * RF output power: 100W SSB, 25W AM * CW keyer speed: 5-80 WPM adjustable * Receiver: Sensitivity (10dB SINAD, preamp on):* SSB 0.18uV, 2.4kHz filter * AM 2.0uV, FM 1.0uV * Spurious rejection:> 70dB * Image rejection:>70dB * Audio 2W into 8 Ohms, 4W into 4 Ohms * Supply 13.8V DC nominal 2A max. Rx, 25A max. Tx

TS-2000 Kenwood

The all new Kenwood TS-2000 series transceiver offers today's demanding Amateur operator high performance standards without the compromising limitations found in other similar multi-band, multi-mode transeivers. The TS-2000 offers users three distinct operation platforms, the traditional tranceiver with full function front panel, or the high-tech looking "silver box" version that allows mobile operation with the new RC-2000 compact control head, or the ARCP-2000 computer control program making the TS-B2000 functional from your personal computer. The new TS-2000 offers 100 watts on HF, 6 meters and 2 meters, 50 watts on 70cm, and when you install the optional UT-20 1.2 GHz module at 10 watts, you will have assembled the most complete dual receiver multi-mode transceiver ever produced. If you are waiting for AO-40, you will he happy to know the TS-2000 is transverter frequency display function ready to work with the latest satellite frequencies available
  • High performance true IF/stage DSP on main band. AF stage DSP on sub-band.
  • Digital filtering. (No more expensive options to buy)
  • Satellite ready, with transverter frequency display.
  • Wide band receive.
  • Dual receive, (HF & 2m or 70cm) (2m & 2m) (70cm & 70cm)
  • Cross band repeat.
  • 100 watts output on HF, 6 and 2 meters. 50 watts output on 70cm, 10 watts output on 1.2 GHz (optional UT-20)
  • Built-in a Auto Tuner HF through 6 meters
  • Built-in RS-232 for computer control
  • Built-in TCXO (.5PPM)
  • CTCSS & DCS encode/decode
  • Electronic memory keyer
  • World
  • 5+1 Antenna ports. (2 for HF & 6m, 1 for 2m, 1 for 70cm, 1 for 1.2 GHz option & 1 for and HF receive antenna)
  • TS-B2000, RC-2000 & ARCP-2000 available in Spring 2001


TS-950SDX Kenwood

Swift performance and surgical precision are second nature to the TS-950SDX. Quality engineering blends aesthetic simplicity of form with a wide range of advanced features -- such as the built-in DSP (digital signal processor) and MOS FET final section. The result is exceptional transmission signal purity and first-class audio quality -- a benchmark for HF communications. And operating ease is just as impressive, thanks to the convenient menu system and many other user-friendly refinements.

  • 1.9 to 28MHz(160 to 10m band) operation
  • 100kHz to 30MHz general coverage receiver
  • SSB,CW,FM,AM,FSK modes
  • 150W(AM 40W) output
  • Built-in Dsp(Digital Signal Processing)
  • MOS-type FET final section
  • Dual-frequency receive
  • SSB IF slope tuning
  • AIP system
  • 100 memory channels
  • Built-in AC power supply
  • Dimensions*(W*H*D):402*141*400 mm

TS-570D Kenwood

ts-570.jpg (7412 bytes)

The TS-570D middle-priced HF transceiver from Kenwood with a host of features normally associated with higher priced rigs. It has Audio Digital Signal Processing (DSP) with variable slope tuning. It also includes a general coverage receiver 500kHz to 30MHz all modes. For the QRP enthusiast the minimum transmit power is 5W and incremented in 5W steps to 100W, and for CW, there is a built-in CW memory keyer with three 50-character memories. All this plus an automatic ATU makes the TS-570DG a greatly desirable rig. 
* 1.8 - 30MHz (160m-10m Amateur Bands) Tx * 500kHz - 30MHz Gen Coverage Receiver * SSB, CW, AM, FM, FSK * 5 - 100W SSB, CW, FM, FSK * 25W AM * FSK 170, 200, 425 & 850Hz * Automatic ATU * 2x SO-239 aerial sockets * DSP (digital signal processor) * CTCSS, 38 sub tones * Tone burst 1750Hz * 16-bit technology * Variable audio filtering * RS-232 computer control interface * Built-in CW memory keyer * Full & semi break-in * Large, clear orange back-lit LCD * 1.5W audio (8 Ohms) * 13.8V DC * 20.5A * 270 x 96 x 217mm * 6.8kg

TS-870S Kenwood

ts-870.jpg (22587 bytes)

The TS-870S is an all-mode HF transceiver with 160 to 10m amateur band operation including 100kHz to 30MHz general coverage receiver. It provides IF-stage digital signal processing on transmit and receive. This raises the performance to a level that is impossible for analogue circuitry to achieve. Also features 100W output, automatic ATU, interactive menu system, built-in electronic keyer and 100 memories.
* Tx: 1.8-30MHz (160-10 Amateur Bands) *100W SSB, CW, FM,   FSK * 25W AM * Rx: 100kHz-30MHz Gen Coverage * SSB, CW, AM, FM, FSK * Auto ATU * Dual Receive * Variable IF slope and B/W * Interactive menu system * Twin DSP * 100 memories * High speed computer interface * K1 Logikey Electronic Keyer * Audio 1.5W (8 Ohms) * 13.8V DC * 330 x 120 x 334mm * 11.5kg

TKM-707 Kenwood

High performance and easy to use are the hallmarks of the TKM-707 marine SSB transciever. Outstanding specifications along with 150 watts RF output make the TKM-707 the right choice for the mariners everywhere. The 2182 kHz Emergency Alarm and all US Coast Guard requirements for commercial vessels give the TKM-707 the competitive advantage. With expandable Amateur band capabilities, this outstanding radio is a clear winner for both pleasure and commercial marine applications. The hidden direct frequency input keypad gives the TKM-707 complete programming versatility.
  • 150 Watts RF PEP output
  • 2 MHz through 27.5 MHz marine band coverage
  • Expandable for Amateur Bands
  • 500 kHz to 30 MHz General coverage receiver
  • 198 Memory Channels/195 ITU Channels
  • 2182 Emergency Alarm
  • VFO scan
  • Built-in Clarifier
  • Large VFO control
  • Selectable power output

FT-100 Yaesu

ft-100a.jpg (10731 bytes)

The FT-100 must be one of the smallest rigs with a fantastic coverage of 160m to 70cm all modes plus a general coverage receive capability of 100kHz to 970MHz. All this plus built-in extras such as electronic memory keyer, speech processor, CTCSS & DCS for FM operation, 300 memories with Smart Search automatic memory channel loading system as well as being compatible with the ATAS-100 Active-tuning antenna system. Its so versatile that it more than adequately covers all the requirements for mobile operation (QRP as well). It has more facilities than a number of base stations, and its amazing how it is all fitted into one box.
* 1.8 - 54MHz (160-6m ) 144-148MHz (2m), 430-450MHz (70cm) Amateur Bands Tx * 100kHz - 30MHz, 30-970MHz Gen Coverage Rx * 100W (1.8 - 54MHz [160-6m]) * 50W (144MHz), 20W (430MHz) * DSP bandpass filter, notch filter, noise reduction and equaliser * IF noise blanker * IF shift * SSB, CW, AM, FM, AFSK Packet (1200/9600bps) operation * VOX * Dual VFOs * Available IF bandwidths of 6kHz, 2.4kHz, 500Hz & 300Hz * (6kHz, 500Hz, 300Hz filters optional) * Built-in electronic memory keyer * Speech processor * Built-in CTCSS & DCS for FM operation * Automatic repeater shift and auto-range transponder system * Smart Search automatic memory channel loading system * 300 memories * 20 memories for frequency and modes * Quick memory bank (QMB) * Bright LCD with multi-function display * Optional TC-20 external antenna tuner * Compatible with ATAS-100 Active-tuning antenna system * Detachable front panel

FT-1000MP Yaesu

ft1000mp.jpg (11323 bytes)


The FT-1000MP has already become one of Yaesus best selling transceivers. It offers a wide range of features that put it firmly at the top of the ladder with its competitors flagship models. Yaesus design has produce a lovely receiver that DXers will appreciate and in the value for money stakes it is difficult to beat. But perhaps the best recommendation must be the many that are now in use.
* 1.8 -30MHz (160m-10m Amateur Bands) Tx * 100kHz - 30MHz Gen Coverage Rx * LSB, USB, CW, FSK, FM 100W * AM 25W * Automatic ATU with 39 tuner memories * Dual Receive * 99 regular, 9 band limit & 5 QMB memories * Main VFO knob and Shuttle jog * Freq. steps 0.625/11.25/2.5/5/10Hz for SSB, CW, RTTY, Packet * Freq. step 100Hz for AM, FM * Built-in electronic keyer * Built-in 2.75kHz Collins mechanical filter * FSK shift freq. 170, 425, 850Hz * Packet shift freq. 200, 1000Hz * 1.5W audio (4 - 8 Ohms) * 90-129, 180-258V AC 50/60Hz * DC model: 13.5V DC * 2.8A receive (max), 19A 100W transmit * 410 x 135 x 347mm * 15kg (approx.) 

FT-847 Yaesu

ft-847.jpg (9379 bytes)

At the cutting edge of ham radio design, this is the first transceiver to cover the complete spectrum from 1.8 to 440MHz. Replacing noisy PLL circuits the FT-847 utilises a new generation ultra-low-noise DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer) in its local design. Innovative transmitter design concepts represent a major breakthrough in the amateur radio field and provides consistent, reliable power output with low SSB intermoduation characteristics in the ultra-compact transceiver. The FT-847s receiver front end is the result of hundreds of hours testing, evaluating and re-design and ensures a consistent performance across the bands whether it be on VLF or UHF.
* 1.8 -440MHz (160m-70cm Amateur Bands) Tx * 160 - 6m 100W (25W AM) * 2m/70cm 50W ( 12.5W AM) * USB, LSB, CW, AM, FM, FSK, AFSK * 100kHz - 30MHz * 36 - 76MHz, 108 - 174MHz * 420 - 512MHz, Gen Coverage Rx * Crossband full duplex * 12.5 / 25kHz specs switchable * Normal / Reverse tracking for satellites * Dedicated satellite memories *  8-character Alpha Numeric labels * CTCSS/DCS Encode / Decode included * DSP Filters for bandpass, notch & noise * Shuttle Jog tuning dial * Built-in electronic keyer * 1200 / 9600bps packet ready * Rx sensitivity: HF 0.25uV 6m 0.2uV 2m/70cm 0.125uV * Selectivity SSB/CW 2.2kHz * Optional narrow filters available * 1.5W audio (8 Ohms) * Supply 13.8V DC * Consumption: Rx (squelched) 1.5A * Rx (max audio) 2.0A * Tx 22A @ 100W RF output * Size 260 x 86 x 270mm * Weight 7kg (approx.)

FT-920 Yaesu

ft-920.jpg (10294 bytes)

The FT-920AF HF transceiver offers a host of features to make operating both enjoyable and effective. Covering 160 to 6m, it delivers 100W on all bands. This transceiver is offered with DSP and internal ATU as standard. Frequency optimized pre-amps and front-end bandpass filters all help to make this one of the hottest receiver sections available today.
* 1.8 -54MHz (160m-6m Amateur Bands) Tx * 100kHz-30MHz 48-56MHz Gen Coverage Rx * LSB, USB, CW, AM, FM * 100W USB, LSB, CW, FM * 25W AM * Dual VFOs (A/B) * 100 memories * Shuttle-jog tuning system * Internal ATU with 100 tuner memories * 16-bit microprocessor * Large backlit LCD * LED-illuminated VFO selector switches * Reverse CW sideband feature * Built-in message memory keyer * Rx sensitivity: Depends on band & mode * 1.5W audio (4 - 8 Ohms) * 13.5V DC * 2.0A Rx (no signal) 22A Tx (100W) * 410 x 135 x 316mm * (approx.)

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