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Mizuho Pocket QRP HF SSB & CW transceivers are popular the world over. Each model features a variable xtal oscillator which can be shifted 25kHz on 80 and 40m and 50kHz on 20m. They may be powered from internal dry cells or from an external 9.6V source.  An analogue S-meter and noise blanker is included as well as a ¡®button¡¯ type Morse key. There is also a built-in microphone. However, it is far more convenient to use an external microphone and Morse key. The performance of these transceivers is amazing and their 2W output can give hours of fun. The receiver section is particularly good.The MX series comprises of: MX-3.5S 80m, MX-7S 40m, MX-14S 20m, MX-21S 15m

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These are single band linear amplifiers made to match the MX QRP transceivers. They also have a stabilised 9.6V DC output to directly supply the transceiver. Ideal for mobile or portable use. * 10W output * 2W input * Single band operation. * 10W output * 2W input * Single band operation * Supply: 13.8V DC * Thru position when off * 110 x 39 x 142mm * 520g. The PL series comprises of: PL-3.5S 80m, PL-7S 40m, PL-14S 20m
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MFJ-90xx MFJ

MFJ set out to give QRP enthusiasts a complete CW transceiver that would require nothing extra apart from a key, an antenna and a power supply. The result is this fabulous new series of rigs. Each model covers the complete CW band and offers razor sharp selectivity from the internal 750Hz xtal filter. Up to 5W output can be obtained with an internal control that permits power levels down to milliwatts. Features include AGC, RIT, semi break-in, optional 250Hz audio filter, optional electronic keyer module, superhet with double balanced mixer and narrow front-end tuner, and superb weak signal performance. The built-in speaker provides plenty of audio and there¡¯s also a headphone output socket. MFJ QRP series: MFJ-9040 40m, MFJ-9030 30m, MFJ-9020 20m, MFJ-9015 15m, MFJ-9010 10m.
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The MFJ-9420X 20m SSB rig is easy to operate with excellent results. Rugged Tx with Motorola PA and single conversion SSB Rx. An optional CW adaptor with extra band coverage can be fitted. * 14.150 - 14.350MHz SSB   * 10W RF output (average speech) * Optional 14.000-14.350MHz CW 8-10W * Microphone supplied * Single conversion superhet * Audio 1W into 8 Ohms * 13.8V DC Tx current 2.2A approx. * Rx current 50-100mA typical  * Size 162 x 60 x 150mm * Weight 850g.* Optional: MFJ-415 CW adaptor
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The MFJ-9410X 10W PEP USB transceiver is especially designed for SSB on the10m band. It uses a low noise pre-amp and active double balanced mixer front end. Sharp 2.3kHz SSB crystal ladder filter reduces passband noise. The transmitter features syllabic RF speech processing. Optional: CW adaptor. EXPORT ONLY
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The MFJ-9406X 10W PEP USB transceiver is especially designed for SSB on the 6m band. An optional adaptor for CW can be fitted. It uses a single conversion superhet for receive and the transmitter features a built-in 7-element lowpass filter, and syllabic RF speech processing. * 50.000 - 50.300MHz
* USB, CW * 10W PEP * Microphone supplied * 13.8V DC Tx current 2.0A * Rx current 60mA * Audio 1W into 8 Ohms * Size 162 x 60 x 150mm * Weight 850g * Optional MFJ-416 CW adaptor

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The MFJ-9402X 7W PEP USB transceiver is for the 2m band. It uses a single conversion superhet for receive and features a sharp HF style 2.3kHz ladder filter. The transmitter has a built-in 7-element low pass filter, and syllabic RF speech processing. An optional adaptor for CW can be fitted.* 144.00 - 144.30MHz * USB * 7W PEP
* Microphone supplied * 13.8V DC Tx current 2.0A
Rx current 60mA * Audio 1W into 8 Ohms * Size 162 x 60 x 150mm * Weight 850g * Optional: CW adaptor

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SG-2020 SGC

The SG-2020 is an excellent QRP transceiver with transmit power adjustable from 0 to 20W. Several  features have been added to enhance the performance and capability of the unit. Most features are selected by pushing a button and turning the main tuning control, e.g. pressing the MEM button and main tuning knob enables scrolling through 50 memories. It has a large backlit LED readout and a separate LED bargraph which displays signal strength in S-units on receive and forward or reflected power in watts on transmit.The main tuning knob changes frequency. The tuning rate is about 2.5kHz per revolution. It has a true RF speech processor and VOGAD baseband processing and for the CW enthusiast, a built-in iambic keyer. * Tx:1.8 - 29.7MHz (amateur bands) * Tx power: adjustable 0-20W PEP * Efficient QRP operation at 5W * Rx: 1.8 - 30MHz * USB, LSB, CW  * Tuneable passband tuning * Noise blanker RF gain control * Front panel synthesized BFO * RF speech processor VOGAD + RF clipping * Microprocessor: 68H11 * SPLIT, RIT and XIT * 50 memories Simplex or Semi-Duplex * SWR metering * LCD display * Built-in IAMBIC Keyer * RS-232 Interface
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The SG-2020 Porta Pak portable package   comprises of SG-2020 plus battery pack, microphone and handle. A complete portable station for military, commercial or amateur use. The battery pack case is manufactured from extruded aluminium (same as the SG-2020). It is attached to the SG-2020 case with wing lock latches to catches provided on this version of the SG-2020. Ten D-type batteries are required with a capacity of up to 12AH or 10 x D rechargeable battery capacity of 4AH. (Batteries are not included). This battery pack cannot be fitted to existing SG-2020.
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The SG-237 PORTA Smartuner designed for quick mobile set-up or base operation. It is designed to match ladder feed or end fed antennas. The SG-237 PORTA can be set up for temporary communications on a balcony or ground location, and is even small enough to be handheld. The power handling capability is 100W (PEP) and 40W maximum on CW. Its rugged internal constructionis ideal for tough operation. Only four connections are required. The DC input requirement is 13.8V DC (nominal) 300mA, its DC operating range is 10.5 to 18V DC. Any 2.7m (9ft) whip will provide good operations above 3.5MHz. For operation down to 1.8MHz it is recommended that at least a 8.5m (28ft) wire antenna or 6 x 6m (20 x 20ft) loop antenna be used. When using a whip antenna in a fixed location it is important that a ground system of radials be used.
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Although this book is aimed at the QRP enthusiast, much of its content is equally applicable to QRO stations. Great emphasis is made on the importance of antenna efficiency for QRP, but there are some interesting designs that will be of particular relevance to those with smaller gardens. The book comprises 155 printed pages.
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QRP probably accounts for a major part of home construction in the UK and this book is an absolute essential read. There¡¯s complete transceivers, very compact and often simple. transmitters and receivers, lots of accessories and even a single tube transceiver! The book runs to 96 A4 printed pages and is excellent value.
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