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AL-1200X  Linear Amplifier
AL-811X Linear Amplifier
AL-800X Linear Amplifier
 Solid State Linear
ALS-500MX S State Mobile Linear
AL-82X Linear Amplifier
AL-80BX Linear Amplifier

Linear Amplifier
3K & 8K Ultra  Linear Amplifier

 HF Linear
HUNTER-Six 6m Linear New
811, 3-500Z, 6146B, 6JS6C, 12BY7A

 HF + 6m Linear
 HF + 6m Linear
 Current Inrush Protector
MFJ-214  Amplifier Saver
QSK-5X QSK Switch


al-1500.jpg (11707 bytes)

The AL-1500 linear amplifier delivers 1.5kW CW output with only 65W drive. The AL-1500 also features time delay starting to protect the 3CX1500/8877 valve and its components and over-current protection to remove the drive if mistuned. The AL-1500XQ has the same specification as the AL-1500X but is fitted with the QSK switch. Size: 470 x 432 x 254mm Weight: 35kg


al-1200.jpg (8385 bytes)

The AL-1200 linear amplifier delivers 1.2kW CW output. The AL-1200 uses one 3CX1200A7 ceramic valve, which is Eimac¡¯s toughest ceramic transmitting valve making this one of the toughest linears around. The AL-1200XQ has the same specification as the AL-1200X but is fitted with the QSK switch.Size: 470 x 432 x 254mm Weight: 35kg


al-811.jpg (11428 bytes)

The AL-811X amplifier is the ideal linear to use in the UK. It can easily deliver the 400W PEP output limit with room to spare (the AL-811HX delivers 800W PEP with 4 x 811A valves). Carefully designed circuitry results in 70% efficiency and the valves will happily load into 3:1 VSWR. Size: 380 x 350 x 210mm Weight: 14.5kg


al-800.jpg (20626 bytes)

The AL-800X with a single 3CX800A7 delivers 1.25kW PEP on all bands 1.8 to 30MHz. As with the other kilowatt amplifiers it is fitted with current protection which stops damage from inrush current, has air cooling and vernier reduction drives for tuning and matching. With dual illuminated cross-needle meters and compact desk size makes this an attractive amplifier in the range. The AL-800HX is fitted with 2x 3CX800A7 delivering 1.5kW. Size: 420 x 369 x 216mm Weight: 23kg


als-600.jpg (10684 bytes)

Drive the ALS-600X solid state linear with 100W and you¡¯ll get 600W PEP output from hunky FET power devices. It comes complete with a separate power supply delivering 25A at 50V DC. Features include SWR protection, overdrive protection, whisper quite fan, cross needle SWR and power meter, standby switch, and of course no tuning. Size: (each) 241 x 180 x 304mm Weight: AL600X 5.6kg, AL-600PSU 14.5kg


als-500m.jpg (8658 bytes)

If you want to really cause a stir when going mobile you¡¯ll love this linear. With up to 500W PEP output from a compact unit. Just think of the opportunities with almost six times the power advantage. Less than 100W of drive is required for full output and the unit may be remotely controlled for boot mounting. Can be driven directly from any 100W transceiver. Solid state design means no tuning is necessary. Can be installed in the boot of a car but we strongly recommend a separate battery as the current peaks at about 80A. Size: 393 x 220 x 95mm Weight: 3.4kg


al-82.jpg (10700 bytes)

The AL-82 linear is designed to give you years of trouble free service. Two bias settings allow either high efficiency RTTY and CW operation at 1.5kW of output at nearly 70% plate efficiency or low distortion 1.5kW SSB, SSTV or AM output. The cooling system keeps the valve and components safely below the manufacturer¡¯s ratings. The filament supply has inrush current limiting to ensure maximum valve life. The AL-82XQ version is fitted with QSK switch. Size: 470 x 432 x 254mm Weight: 34.5kg


al-80.jpg (10322 bytes)

In the AL-80BX linear the Eimac 3-500Z is run with a new instantaneous bias circuit. This means that even between syllables there is no current drawn. The result is high average power levels, much cooler running and longer valve life. Gives you up to 1kW output from a desktop linear that is well within the budget of many enthusiasts. Cross needle meters monitor all aspects of the linear and the quick warm up plus standby mode means your linear is always ready to give you up to 10dB of gain! The AL-80BXQ version is fitted with QSK switch. Size: 216 x 355 x 387mm Weight: 24.5kg

2KD Classic  - Henry

We feel that the Henry 2KD-Classic is the finest desk model linear amplifier commercially available today! Its circuit features include a pair of rugged, reliable Eimac 3-500Z glass envelope triodes operating in a grounded grid circuit. The amplifier uses a Pi-L tank circuit to insure maximum suppression of unwanted harmonic outputs in accordance with the amateur industry's standards. The silver-plated rotary tank coil creates a reliable, simple, and economical circuit which is easy to operate. The 2KD-Classic employs a conservative, heavy duty power supply for true linear output. Two solid state high voltage rectifiers, rated at 15,000 volts, 1.2 amps each are used and the power transformer is tapped for either 115 or 230 VAC operation. The double shielded aluminum cabinet prevents unwanted radiated interference at a minimum weight.Our amplifier is rated at full legal amateur output for all modes in intermittent amateur service. It has 2000 watts input for SSB and 1000 watts input for CW and RTTY. AM is nominal. Drive requirements are about 100 watts input for a full 1000 watts output for SSB operation. Features include full metering, circuit breaker protection on the AC lines, and a built-in heavy duty antenna relay.Special high reliability, quick action antenna relays allow semi-break-in CW operation. The built-in DC relay circuit assures hum-free operation. Each unit is supplied with an instruction manual, relay control cable, ALC cable, and an RF drive cable. Either 115 or 230 VAC can be chosen by jumpering a rear panel terminal board. The ALC circuit can be adjusted to prevent overdrive from high power exciters. The tuned input circuits assure proper operation with solid state exciters.The 2KD-Classic will put your signal on the air with the kind of strength and clarity traditional with Henry linear amplifiers. It will continue to perform at peak efficiency years after you have forgotten its low purchase price. This amplifier is the only full-power desktop model linear on the market backed by Henry Radio's 50 year history of customer service before and after the sale.

3K & 8K Ultra  - Henry

The Henry 3K Ultra and 8K Ultra are a pair of HF linear amplifiers offering a remote, console power amplifier with a desk top control cabinet. With this design approach, the noise, heat and vibration of the high power amplifier can be moved away from the operating position, up to 100 feet away. This leaves the silent control cabinet onthe desk, next to your transceiver. For added operating convenience, there is anoption for the controller offering 8, 16, or 24 channel memory positions for commonly used frequencies.  The 8 channel option is internal and controlled from the front panel as are additional add on boxes of 8 or 16 more presets (total maximum of of 24 presets).With the controller preset option, frequencies are set using potentiometers located inside the top panel.These amplifiers offer general coverage operation between 1.8 and 30 MHz with a nominal output power of 1500 watts  for the 3K and 5000 watts  for the 8K. The 3K uses a reliable 3CX1200D7 ceramic triode and the 8K employs a 3CX3000A7 commercial triode Power rating is continuous, intermittent is somewhat higher.
Heavy duty casters are standard for ease in moving the RF deck/power supply around.

Challenger MKII Linear Amp

Challenger MKII Linear Amp

challenger.jpg (10439 bytes)

The Challenger MkII is built to withstand long periods of operation at full power 1.5kW SSB or CW (1kW RTTY) for the serious DX-er or contest person. The 1.5kVA power supply is built-in and does not require extra cooling for operation.The amplifier uses a pair of modern hi-gain ceramic Eimac 3CX 800 A7 triodes with excellent IMD and harmonic rejection. Size: 410 x 240 x 380mm Weight: 37kg

Explorer 1200 Linear Amp

explorer.jpg (11744 bytes)

The Explorer 1200 is based on the popular Exporer 1000. It uses two 3-500ZG valves in grounded grid configuration, 10 - 130W in, 100 - 1.3kW out, along with the new 1.2kVA toroidal transformer gives continuous operation for long periods, even on RTTY. Pretuned input circuits are incorporated on each band so that your transceiver sees a 50 Ohm input load on each band. Size: 410 x 245 x 430mm Weight: 30kg

Ranger-811H Linear Amp

ranger.jpg (16642 bytes)

This 800W design from Linear Amp UK with high specification and rugged construction has features normally associated with expensive linears. However, this model is offered at a very realistic price and it will loaf along at the UK power limitation. The low cost power tubes mean that tube replacement will not break the bank. * Built-in AC 230V @ 8A Supply * 355 x 241 x 406 mm * 25kg

Hunter 750 Linear Amp

hunter750.jpg (11186 bytes)

The Hunter uses a single 3-500ZG valve and a 900VA toroidal transformer to produce up to 750W output. Although the Hunter is a smaller, less powerful version of the Explorer, it still incorporates all the features of the Explorer. Size: 360 x 240 x 405mm Weight: 25kg

Discovery 2m Linear Amp

The Discovery 2m Linear amplifier uses an Eimac 3CX800 AT valve. The unit has its own self contained power supply which is fully protected. The amplifier is fan cooled. Output of the amp is 400 - 1kW (input drive level 10 - 35W) a tuned cavity is used to give maximum efficiency. Full metering of Plate input and Grid current are provided on the front panel along with LED status lights. A 3 min timer is incorporated to give a delay on switch-on to ensure that the valve cathode is thoroughly warmed up. Size: 330 x 220 x 410mm Weight: 30kg

Discovery 6m Linear Amp

The Discovery 6m Linear amplifier uses an Eimac 3CX800 AT valve. The unit has its own self contained power supply which is fully protected. The amplifier is fan cooled. Output of the amp is 400 - 1kW (input drive level 10 - 35W) and uses a PI-L network. Full metering of Plate input and Grid current are provided on the front panel along with LED status lights. A 3 min timer is incorporated to give a delay on switch-on to ensure that the valve cathode is thoroughly warmed up. Size: 330 x 220 x 410mm Weight: 30kg

Hunter-Six 6m Linear Amp

The new Hunter-Six linear amplifier has been developed from the very popular Hunter 750 HF amplifier. It uses a single Amperex 3-500ZG valve in grounded grid configuration. With the advent of new transceivers producing up to 100W on 6m it is possible to use the 3-500ZG to give around 800W.
* 50-54MHz * Drive 10 - 100W * Output 800W * 3-500ZG * Pi-L input and output * Supply 230V AC 50Hz @ 8A * Size 355 x 241 x 406mm * Weight 23kg
hunter-6.jpg (17319 bytes)


Icom¡¯s latest release is the IC-PW1 solid state linear amplifier covering HF and 6m. It comes with many features such as automatic antenna tuner unit, low-pass filter unit and a detachable control unit. The power rating of 1kW output is just not for CW and SSB, but this amplifier will also produce these power output levels for RTTY and SSTV. You get full break-in operation on CW.The nominal drive requirement is 100W, but with adjustment of the linear¡¯s ALC circuit this can be reduced to match rigs 50W or less.  Size: 350 x 269 x 378mm Weight: 25kg.
ic-pw1.jpg (8929 bytes)

Quadra VL-1000

The new Quadra System fromYaesu consists of the VL-1000 linear amplifier and the VP-1000 switchmode power supply.The VL-1000 HF/50MHz linear amplifier utilises 8 rugged MRF-150 MOS FETs delivering 1kW on HF and capable of 500W output on 50MHz. Automatic band change, data cable are supplied for the FT-1000D / FT-1000MP / FT-920. Automatic band change via a frequency sensing circuit is also available. A large dot-matrix LCD features a wealth of information of amplifier- status information, including peak power output, average power output, voltage, current and the Panoramic SWR monitor. Size: (each) 410 x 135 x 410mm Weight: VL-1000 15kg, VP-1000 12kg
vl-1000.jpg (12069 bytes)

SG-500 SmartPowerCube

The SG-500 SmartPowerCube from SGC is their latest microprocessor controlled linear amplifier. It has been proved to be extremely rugged and reliable and is used by the military. It is an intelligent - microprocessor controlled - 500W high powered linear amplifier. It constantly monitors your HF-SSB¡¯s activities, power needs and antenna condition, and automatically (in less than 15 milliseconds) selects the right broadband amplifier. It has been designed to be left unattended, where access to the amplifier is limited. It is also very compact, taking up less than a cubic foot of space. Fully compatible with most HF equipment produced by most HF manufacturers. When installing your SG-500, be absolutely certain that your antenna will handle the power output. Antennas rated at 500W or less are likely to fail. Size: 290 x 153 x 311mm Weight: 9.5kg
sg-500.jpg (10189 bytes)


When you first turn on your amplifier, there is an initial current surge which stresses all your power supply components to their limit. This can be heard as a loud thump from your amplifier. Eventually this massive inrush current will damage your amplifier. All Ameritron kilowatt amplifiers have this protection but now you can add this protection to your linear amplifier without complicated wiring. Works with nearly all linear amplifiers.
icp-240.jpg (11036 bytes)


Tune-up your linear amplifier without overheating, valve damage, power supply stress, or arc-over. The MFJ-214 AmplifierSaver lets you tune up your linear amplifier perfectly for full power output and best linearity. Plugs into the rigs CW jack socket, has locking pulse tune and momentary carrier tune buttons.
mfj-214.jpg (7815 bytes)


If you want to operate full break-in CW there is no way that the standard relay in a linear will be able to follow the fast switching speed. Data modes such as Packet, AMTOR and PacTOR also require extremely fast switching times, which cannot be accommodated by the mechanical relay. The only way that fast speeds can be accomplished is by diode switching that is silent, fast and can handle high powers. The QSK-5 switch has been designed for the amateur radio market. It will easily handle full legal power levels. The only limitation is on data modes where a power limit of 750W is imposed unless a fan is used. This is not a problem in the UK if you operate within the UK power limits.The Optional Cooling Fan (CF-5X) allows sustained operation with the QSK switch in any mode. The QSK switch will work with most modern transceivers that offer full break-in operation.
qsk-5x.jpg (6405 bytes)


Replacement valve used in: Ameritron AL-811X, AL-811HX. These are low cost high power tubes that are capable of excellent performance. Their weakness is that incorrect tuning can destroy them quickly. Always tune up quickly and begin at low power. Final tuning can be done quickly at full power. C2 of the pi-network must be adjusted for max. power out.
811.jpg (8920 bytes)


Replacement 3-500ZG valve used in: Ameritron AL-80BX, AL-82X.The tube is very rugged and should give a good few years of service. Careful tune-up and correct loading will extend the life. Cooling is important.
3-500z.jpg (11737 bytes)

6146B Spare Valve

Pair of matched valves. Probably the most popular power amplifier tubes ever. They have a good life expectancy but experience shows that they need replacing at least every five years.
6146b.jpg (11589 bytes)

6JS6C Spare Valve

Pair of matched valves. These were once very popular medium power tubes.The comments made alongside the AL-811 tubes apply equally to this tube.
6js6c.jpg (11293 bytes)

12BY7A Spare Valve

Replacement driver valve.This valve is a popular driver tube for many Japanese transceivers. It runs very hot and this is worth remembering before trying to remove it from a rig that has just been switched off!

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