Part of The Equipment
Of Radios in HI8GN BBS

Information about HI8GN BBS

This BBS is Actives the 24 Hours in Packet Radio BBS
(14.095 Lsb 300bps.)(NET095)
In 2 Meters with the NETWORK of the CARIBBEAN via Packet
with the Antillas,
(145.010 Fm 1200bps.)
(CPNET2)(Caribbean Packet Network 2Mts.)
also we have connection in AMPRNET
and on internet too.

The Equipment are the followings:
Computer Pentium 200 mhz, with Hard Disk of 4.3 gb
64 mb in RAM, Monitor SuperVga 15"
It has 4 Ports one of them Is Reserved for modem.
Platform it is Linux Mandrake 6.1
Running to XFBB7.01i and Jnos1.11e
the Linux Kernel it is 2.2.13-7mdk
and the ax25-utils-2.2.42a for glibc2.1

Radios are the followings:
In HF the Line Yaesu FT-301d, 2mts Kenwood TR-7950
Antenna are the Followings:
Antenna Swan 3 elements for HF
And Antenna hustler G-6 Vertical in VHF.

Packet Radio : HI8GN @ HI8GN.#SDQ.DOM.CAR.NA
AMPRnet : []
E-Mail :
E-Mail :