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Summary Of The N3KZS Repeaters

Frequency Offset Transmitter Receiver
53.190 MHz Minus Hanover,   PA Hanover,   PA
146.895 MHz Minus (North) - Manchester,   MD (1) - Hampstead,   MD
    (South) - Hampstead,   MD (2) - Manchester,   MD
    (West) - Frederick,   MD (3) - Towson,   MD
      (4) - Frederick,   MD
      (5) - Hanover,   PA
      (6) - Gettysburg,   PA
      (7) - Westminister,   MD
      (8) - Hereford Co.,   MD
      (9) - Portable
224.120 MHz Minus Manchester,   MD (1) - Manchester,   MD
      (2) - Hanover,   PA
447.675 MHz Minus Manchester,   MD Manchester,   MD

The club does not own or operate any repeaters.   One of our members,   Ralph,   N3KZS,   owns and operates this repeater system.   He has very graciously offered its use as our club repeater.   Most of our members monitor the 146.895 MHz repeater.   Club members voluntarily devote a lot of time to maintaining and expanding the system.   From time to time the club does contribute some financial help.

PL can be a big help in combating interference problems.   It is always used on the repeater transmitters.   The frequency is 107.2 Hz.   Generally, the repeater receivers (your transmitter) are run without PL.   It is available on all receivers.   If conditions dictate,   the control operator will turn it on.   The frequency is also 107.2 Hz.   It is recommended that you always transmit the PL tone.

Any of these repeaters can be linked to any,   or all,   of the other repeaters.   Normally this is not done with one exception.   The 224.120 MHz repeater is always linked with the 146.895 MHz repeater.   This means that if you transmit to the 224.120 MHz repeater it will be repeated on that repeater in the normal manner.   It will also be repeated on the 146.895 MHz repeater.   Conversely,   any transmission to the 146.895 MHz repeater will also be repeated on the 224.120 MHz repeater.

This is a single site repeater located on a hill South of Hanover.   Unfortunately,   there are some serious interference problems at this location.   It operates on an erratic schedule.   Normally it is linked full time to the 146.895 MHz repeater.

With its seven receive sites and three transmit sites,   this coverage of this repeater is outstanding - even with HTs.   The best receive site is automatically selected by a voter.   Any one of the transmit sites may be selected by the user with a touch-tone pad.   Here are the codes:
   "A10" - North transmit site - single beep courtesy tone.
   "A11" - South transmit site - double beep courtesy tone.
   "A12" - West transmit site - triple beep courtesy tone.
You may also hear a Morse code letter "L" (.-..) with the courtesy beep.   This means that the repeater is connected to the IRLP.   If you want to work locally,   and not come out of hundreds of repeaters all over the world,   you can disconnect from IRLP with your touch-tone pad.   The code is "*73."

This is just a few features that are basic to the operation of this repeater.   It is far from an "Operators Manual."   Contact any control operator for more information.

THE 1.25 METER REPEATER - 224.120 MHz.
The transmitter and one receiver are located in Manchester,   just South of the Mason/Dixon Line.   The remote receiver is located just North of Hanover.   It is always linked to the 146.895 MHz repeater.

This is a single site repeater located in Manchester just South of the Mason/Dixon Line.   It is one hill South of the main Manchester site.   The coverage is very good because of the hilltop location.

This is a very sophisticated repeater system.   There are many capabilities not mentioned here.   Contact Ralph,   N3KZS,   or any control operator for more information.

Ralph, N3KZS pulling new antenna up the main site tower.

Mike, N3KTX and Terry, N3XBO working on the main site tower

Equipment for the portable remote receive site.


Other Repeaters Operated By Our Members

Frequency Offset PL Transmitter Receiver Call
53.470 MHz Minus 107.9 Catonsville,   MD Catonsville,   MD N3KTX
This repeater is always linked to the N3KZS 2 meter repeater.


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