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IRLP on 146.895 Repeater

The N3KZS repeater is currently the home of Node 7070 of The Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP). This is a result of combined efforts of Ralph (N3KZS) repeater owner, Ron (WA0OJS) node sponsor, and repeater controller programming assistance by Terry (N3XBO).

Active Hanover Area Hamming Association members in good standing have long enjoyed the privilege of access to special repeater functions. This access continues with full access to the IRLP codes. Currently, all members are capable of connecting to and disconnecting from over 1000 IRLP nodes throughout the world. Additionally, members may connect to the IRLP reflectors allowing multiple nodes to simultaneously connect; essentially making a world wide repeater.

Everything you want to now about IRLP is available at the IRLP website ( www.irlp.net ) , so I will try to cover some of the points more pertinent to the local node. First and foremost read the IRLP Operating Guidelines Page. As with any amateur practices listen first before transmitting. The N3KZS repeater is privately owned and is open to use by all licensed amateurs provided that FCC rules and regulations are strictly adhered to. This has not changed with the addition of IRLP. Feel free to make use of the system. Remember to PAUSE for additional time before transmitting to follow accepted Amateur practices. If IRLP is up, somebody with the ability to bring it down is monitoring.

Listen carefully to the courtesy tones for a clue as to where a transmission originates. A single tone signifies a locally originating transmission and the north transmitter is in use. A double tone signifies a locally originating transmission and the south transmitter is in use. Anytime the IRLP is connected a Morse code L (. - ..) follows the single or double tone of the same frequency. A transmission from the Internet side of the connection is indicated by a two step tone, low to high. This allows you to know which side of the system the transmission is originating.

Additionally, the status of the IRLP is transmitted via APRS into the APRS network. This allows anyone with access to APRS a visual indication of whether the node is available ( not connected to anything) or which node or reflector it is connected to. If you do not have an APRS program running you may also access the information via www.findu.com on the Internet and search for IRLP7070 to see the status of the node.

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