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The Hanover Area Hamming Association mailing list is available to members and also prospective members and other interested radio enthusiasts. All subscribers must be approved by the list moderators. If a moderator does not recognize your email address, you will probably be contacted before access is allowed. To join enter your e-mail address below and click the join button.

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This list will be used to keep all members of the Club updated and informed of events and business pertaining to the club. Any subscriber will be capable of posting to this list. So if you have information which is of value to the group, feel free to post it. Please remember that some subscribers may not be capable of receiving email attachments other then plain text, so avoid those whenever possible. Also remember that it is possible that some members may obtain email via an RF link, so only language and material suitable for Amateur Radio is allowed. We really do not want to have to restrict access to message posting.

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