KF3M Hanover Area Hamming Association
Hanover,   Pennsylvania

Officers and Committees for 2014

Officers for 2014

Office Name Call Email
President Al Shaffer W3TRW W3TRW
Vice President Jim Fisher KB3ISR KB3ISR
Treasurer Joe Clingan N3MKE N3MKE
Secretary Charles Strong W3CQB W3CQB
Member at Large Brian Barnhart N3VN N3VN

Committees for 2014

Committee Chairperson Call Email
BARC Fest Bill Dobson N3WD N3WD
Field Day - - -
Bingo - - -
Picnic and PaQP - - -
Cropwalk Joe Clingan N3MKE N3MKE
Webmaster Charles Strong W3CQB W3CQB
Postmaster Brian Barnhart N3VN N3VN

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President W3TRW
Al - W3TRW