KF3M Hanover Area Hamming Association
Hanover,   Pennsylvania

Club Information


We are just a nice little ham club straddling the Mason/Dixon Line around Hanover,   Pennsylvania and Manchester,   Maryland.   Our members are evenly split between the two states.

We meet once a month.   Our business meetings are held in the odd numbered months.   Meetings in the even numbered months are devoted to speakers or demonstrations of some facet of our hobby.   Visitors are welcome at any meeting.   Other activities are those that seem like fun - particularly those that are better done as a group.

The web site has two purposes.   First is to provide a one-stop reference to keep our members informed.   Secondly is a quick introduction to us for prospective members.   If you are interested in joining us please stop by any meeting or activity.


Our meetings are held the second Thursday of each month.

We hold our monthly meetings in the Social Hall of the Pleasant Hill Fire Company in Pleasant Hill,   Pennsylvania.   This is located between Hanover,   Pennsylvania and Manchester,   Maryland.   We have a page with directions.   Talk-in is on the 146.895 repeater.

The meeting starts at 7:30 p.m.   Afterwards we have refreshments and socializing until everyone is ready to go home.

Visitors are always welcome.


We have two classes of membership - individual and family.   The latter being all hams of one family and living at the same address.   Dues are $20.00 for individual and $25.00 for family membership for the calendar year.   We prorate dues if you join in the middle of the year.

You can get an application from the Treasurer or download a copy and bring it to the next meeting or mail it to the address at the bottom of this page.


In addition to the monthly meetings we have a number of activities throughout the year.   Some are strictly to make money to support ourselves.   Some are public service events.   These are our contribution to making our community a better place.   The remainder are pure ham radio.   We do them because they are fun.   Take a look at our Club Calendar page to see what is currently planned.   Contact any club officer if you have ideas for additional activities.

We also have several members that are very active with operating,   maintaining and expanding the N3KZS repeater system,   and an extensive system of APRS digipeaters.


Currently,   we do not offer classes to obtain or upgrade your amateur license.   We do have members who are glad to work with anyone preparing for the FCC license examinations.   Contact any club officer to make arrangements.

The American Radio Relay League   (ARRL)  has a good page on what is amateur radio and how to get started in our hobby.