Morris Minor reconditioned Panda Car
1 OFF Pye W15FMD Westminster provided to owner in Kidderminster.  Circa 1998.  
Working receiver on Two Metres and one pair of Pye PF1 Pocketphones.

2 OFF Pye Motor Cycle Police Westminster W15AMC.
Provided to ex Liverpool policeman who bought at auction his old Triumph Police motor cycle Circa 2000.
1 off Pye Motor Cycle Police Westminster W15AMC provided to Clive G4JXJ for cousin's refurbished Police motor cycle.

1 OFF Pye Bantam Low Band AM HP1AM.  
Provided to Tom Finlay GI Northern Ireland. To be put on show in a RUC historic parade. As used during Bloody Sunday.

1 OFF AM27F Cambridge Base Station 
Provided to Avoncroft Museum in Bromsgrove via Curator of Telecoms Gus G8DEC.  To be put on show in original AA roadside box with extension for AA comms unit to local area patrols.  Plus one tulip microphone green.  April 2002.

1 OFF Pye Olympic AM M201 Dash Low Band.
Donated to Richard Allport’s RAC Morris van Circa 1975

Pye Whitehall & Burndept BE544 & MARCONI RC690 all
to be provided to be installed into refurbished
Fire Engines owned by Steve G8RSV of Worksop Notts.

1 pair of PTC114-115 transmitter-receiver chassis in butchered condition with poor covers to a ROVER 680 Metropolitan Police Restoration.
Project by Dave Barker near Huddersfield and CIERIEON of Ireland.
Spalding Radio Rally 2003.

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