Simoco  SRP8000 handportables. 
Circa 1999.

SIMOCO SRP8000 FAMILY plus10 WAY Charger.jpg (123990 bytes)

4 channel FM .
1 OFF VHF  on 2 metres.
1 OFF UHF on 70cms but broken microphone-speaker ribbon..

SIMOCO PRM8010 IN PRX10 BASE.jpg (99781 bytes)    SIMOCO SRP8010 VHF 4CHNN 2METRES.jpg (140184 bytes)    SIMOCO SRP8010 UHF 4CHANN 70CMS.jpg (218670 bytes)

SRP8020 100 channels. 10 by 10 memory banks
3 OFF VHF.  AB Band programmed on 2 metres.  50 channels.  Brand new
1 OFF UHF.  Fully programmed up.  4 button type.  U0 Band.
2 OFF UHF.  Fully programmed up.  4 button type.  TK Band.
On 50 channels.  70cms amateur band.
1 broken volume potentiometer.

SIMOCO SRP8020 U0 BAND 100CHN 10banks.jpg (165471 bytes)    SIMOCO SRP8020 TK BAND 50CHANN 70CM.jpg (167908 bytes)

2 OFF UHF.  Fully programmed on 50 channels.  70cm.  TK Band. Full key pad version.
1 with broken volume potentiometer.

1 OFF SRP battery for all above .
1 OFF Two way hod charger and PSU .
All above bought at Donnington Radio Show September 2001
1 OFF 10 way SRP8000 fast charger plus 20 Amp switch-mode PSU brand new boxed.
1 OFF 10 way charger plus PSU secondhand

SIMOCO SRP8030 TK BAND 50chann 70cms.jpg (147850 bytes)    SIMOCO SRP8030 TK BAND 50CHANN 70CM.jpg (160235 bytes)

1 SRP8000 Car hod charger. Brand new boxed.
Above bought at Llandudno Rally November 2001.

SIMOCO PRM8030 U0 in BASE STATION.jpg (169224 bytes)    SIMOCO PRM8030 U0 IN BASE STAT.jpg (136499 bytes)

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