Pye Walkyphones PTC120 - PTC122 - PTC123 - PTC124 
Circa 1955
Super-regenerative battery valve portables

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1 OFF PTC120 set
Very early design of Pye Walkyphone.
No microphone insert.
On 99.6 MHz
Serial No. 134

This was sold at an auction fitted on a Metropolitan Police motorbike. Its freq plaque confirms this and they are all FM sets bought at Old Warden Aerodrome Radio Boot Sale approx 1987.  
This set splits into two halves at the joint of the battery box and the bottom of the set.  
This is the type used on the Everest expedition of 1953.

Pye PTC120 Walkyphone.
As used by Metropolitan Police Circa 1955
1 OFF 
Bought at auction off Metropolitan Police motorbike. 
PTC120 was still attached on the motorbike on 99.7 MHz.  
Complete less microphone insert, battery and valves. 
Bought at Old Warden Radio Boot Sale Circa 1990.


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Pye PTC122 Walkyphone
Complete and mint condition.
Working on Low Band using 10 PP3 batteries HT / D cells LT
Bought at RSGB Hatfield House Radio Rally August 2000 for 15 Pounds.

Pye PTC122 Walkyphone
Donated by Robin Holderness G3X?? (Ex Pye Telecoms engineer of Spalding) approximately April 2000.  Part of the collection of Brian Loveday (G8AHJ) of Corby, Northamptonshire.
All in reasonable condition.

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