Mobile circa 1948-1950
First set produced by Pye.
Uses two rotary converters for HT for transmitter-receiver.

2 complete

PYE PTC 102  1st POLICE BOOT MOBILEcirca 1949.jpg (59382 bytes)

Set 1 (Circa 1948) mounted on wooden plinth complete with vehicle mounting plates and control box donated to museum by John G3TFC (Baginton Electronics).  This set is said to have been rescued from a skip outside Romsley Wireless Depot on the Clent Hills many years ago.  It is said that it was a base station used at a local Worcestershire police station.  It is AM and crystalled on the old 96 MHz Police RT band

Set 2 was donated by Eddie Boyd M5PYE (G8CRN)  who rescued it (and also a box of spare chassis).

Pye PTC102 
First police mobile boot set by Pye telecom about 1948.
2 OFF.  
Complete plus 1 control box
1 OFF 
As used by Worcestershire Police as base station
Probably Circa 1950
Service manual.

PYE PTC102  (4).jpg (153106 bytes)    PYE PTC102 FIRST MOBILE BOOTSET CIRCA  1948.jpg (60421 bytes)    PYE PTC102  (1).jpg (59919 bytes)    PYE PTC102  (2).jpg (77221 bytes)    PYE PTC102  (3).jpg (125226 bytes)


Videos on PTC102, PTC112, PTC114-115, PTC411, PTC703 and PTC704




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