Pye (Labgear) COMPAC 8. 
8 channels 10 watts PEP military green portable 3 MHz 8 MHz crystal controlled.

1 OFF Complete (Ex G3TFC John) but less outer case + 2 empty battery cases.

1 set only with 6 channels from Cambridge Rally February 2004

PYE LABGEAR COMPAC-3_IMG.jpg (175252 bytes)   PYE LABGEAR COMPAC-1_IMG.jpg (199367 bytes)    PYE LABGEAR COMPAC-2_IMG.jpg (178746 bytes)

Pye COMPAC 8. 
Absolutely complete with all bits.
Haversack, Knee-strap morse key, headset, microphone-speaker. 
Brand new with 2 batteries and 1 charger unit. 
As bought from Telford Electronics September 2002.
Retuned on to 160 metres, 80 metres and 40 metres.
Crystals fitted August 2003

PYE COMPAC 8 INSIDE8chann 2 to 8mhz xtall 20 w pep.jpg (139382 bytes)    PYE COMPAC FRONT_IMG.jpg (168706 bytes)    PYE COMPAC INSIDE_IMG.jpg (141590 bytes)    PYE COMPAC_IMG.jpg (184322 bytes)


TS2 Functional Test Set
Bought at Milton Keynes Radio Rally August 2003

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