Burndept be439 - be470 - be488 - be500
500mw 3 channel handportables

 BURNDEPT BE439 Red Button Home Office Police Issue 3 Channel UHF Transceiver



15 OFF various.

4 OFF BE470 ex London Fire Brigade.  1 remote unit

1 OFF BE470 remote microphone UHF set near mint ex  Heathrow Airport Police



BURNDEPT BE470 SERIES_IMG.jpg (159891 bytes)

4 OFF car adaptors. Service manual in stock

BE470 MOBILE ADAPTOR.jpg (115694 bytes)    BE470 MOBILE ADAPTOR-1.jpg (135042 bytes)    BE470 MOBILE ADAPTOR-2.jpg (129212 bytes)

MORE BE470 and BE470

2 OFF BE488 (1 scrap)
VHF 3 channel handheld.  
No battery compartment. 
Ex Metropolitan Police Crime Squads.

BURNDEPT BE488VHF METPOL_IMG.jpg (196748 bytes)    BURNDEPT BE488 VHF CRIME SQUAD PORTABLE_IMG.jpg (156865 bytes)

1 OFF BE439 built into BT DP box used as radio alarm unit on transmit.  On UHF frequencies to give out tone sequence on activation of clean contacts as a temporary burglar alarm unit.


BURNDEPT BE500_IMG.jpg (175231 bytes)    BURNDEPT Be500 3CHN UHF_IMG.jpg (93812 bytes)    BURNDEPT BE500 3CHNN UHF_IMG.jpg (188434 bytes)

BURNDEPT BE500 REMOTE_IMG.jpg (222393 bytes)    BURNDEPT BE500 SERIES_IMG.jpg (193521 bytes)

MORE BE500 and BE500

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