Pye 4000 Series base stations


MOULD Serial Number 186


T401-T4001 MOULD Base Station

PYE T401 T4001 BASE STATIONS_IMG.jpg (154352 bytes)


T4001 - R4001 AM VHF


T4002 - R4002 FM VHF
1 Ex Army MOULD High Band link.
Blackpool Rally March 2004


R4002 Mould Receiver Rack



R4004 FM Link High Select Receiver
Ex Army MOULD link
Blackpool Rally March 2004


Pye T404-R4004 MOULD Transmitter-Receiver



MOULD Receiver


R4005 FM VHF Band 3 Receiver.
1 OFF.

T4012 - R4012 FM UHF.
2 OFF.

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