Pye 400 Series base transmitter-receiver


Pye T400-4000 MOULD Rack




T401 R401 VHF AM
1 ex Birmingham University High Band Maintenance Department base station.
1 ex British Telecom  1 T401 brand new.


T401-T4001 MOULD Base Station

PYE T401 T4001 BASE STATIONS_IMG.jpg (154352 bytes)


T402 R402 VHF FM
   2 OFF
+ 1 OFF T402 new


R402 VHF FM MOULD Army receiver.
Bought at Worcester Radio Rally December 2003



T404 VHF  High Band Ex Army MOULD link.
30 watts continuous transmit
Pye T404 30 watt High Band MOULD Transmitter



Pye T404-R4004 MOULD Transmitter-Receiver



T406 VHF High Band 100 watts transmitter   1 OFF
T406 VHF Low Band 100 watts transmitter Ex Army MOULD.  Bought at Worcester Radio Rally December 2003.  1 OFF

T412 R412 UHF FM
1 OFF 6 channel ex police UHF.
Bought from Birketts.
Portable base station for emergency talk-through incident use.

PYE T412 R414 UHF Scottish Police Base Station repeater


T414 - R414 link base station 5 watts UHF


T414 Link base station ex Army MOULD link - 1 OFF
Blackpool Rally March 2004


Pye T414-R4000 MOULD Rack

T434 - R434 link base station for 1425 1500 MHz  2 watts
2 OFF.

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