Microwave Modules MM2020

These were manufactured about 1989.  They are TV Receive and Transmit units operating on 1681MHz Wideband FM  with an audio channel.  They are powered from 24 volts.

The Receive unit  has a N type connector and PAL video output on a BNC connector (usual 1 volt).  The IF is 130 MHz and the unit is synthesized in 1 MHz steps, it will lock - 100 MHz / + 50 MHz.  The frequency is selected using binary switches.  The Local Oscillator will lock up down to 1430 MHz, this means that with - 130 MHz IF it would probably work on 1300MHz 23 cms with reduced output.

The Transmitter is crystal controlled on 1681 MHz.  The plug in 13 MHz crystal is  multiplied by128 times for the 1681 MHz final frequency.  The power output is thought to be about 0.5 watts.

The transmitter can probably be modified to work on 23 cms e.g. a 10.1 MHz crystal should work.

These are ex surveillance units believed to have been used in the London area.

There is a reference on the WWW to Microwave Modules being prosecuted for the sale of MM2020 to Iraq in about 1988.





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