Cannot remember where/when I bought it.   It has come from Northern Ireland Belfast area, see the battery writing which says 
Dundonald   DOCS Security Branch
Return for recharging...
Battery is dated 1970

ROSEPARK HOUSE is the main Northern Ireland Civil Service HQ.  DOSC is Department of Civil Service (NI).  It is thought that Low Band might have been used between various large sites in that area.

Callsign Tango 8 marked in and outside on the Bantam, but silver callsign label on top says ZULU ... faintly 

The set is on Channel 2  80.5 MHz simplex AM, as marked on the frequency plaque

Channel 1 Rx is 80.250 MHz  simplex

Channel 3 Rx is 80.700 MHz simplex

 but these are not marked on the plaque.







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