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Temporary page of BT handportables



Cossor Commando CC701

Cossor Commando CC702


Equipment Radio No. 1A

GPO Equipment No. 1B

Equipment Radio No. 3A

Equipment No. 7A

GPO Equipment No. 8A

GPO Equipment No. 10

GPO Equipment No. 10A

BT Equipment No. 10A

BT Equipment No. 10B

BT Equipment No. 15A

BT Equipment No. 15B


FM95 System 4 Radiophone


Pye Linesman


Mobira BT Emerald MC25 Radiophone

Philips BT Radiophone

Pye PF85

Pye M4000 110 channel System 4 Radiophone

Storno 900 Automatic System 4 Radiophone

Marconi RC742 BT Radiophone base station

PYE LC10FM 9 channel GPO Radio Phone System 2

System 4


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