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News - 18th April 2000
The Australian coast radio station service has been advised that it has lost the contract to provide GMDSS services to the Australian Maritime Safety Agency (AMSA).   Our understanding is that when these services transfer to the new provider all the Australian CRS will close.

Although their existing contract does not expire until June 2002, there is talk that arrangements and changeover could be concluded as early as 6 months time.

The new contract has been won by Boeing Australia who are already contracted to the Australian Defence Force.

Australian Coast Radio stations maintained their 500kHz Distress Watch until the bitter end. Their watch and the CW service ceased at midnight on 31st January 1999.   Fuller details of this can be found here (including audio recordings)

A special Amateur Radio event was organised in Australia to mark the passing of the Morse Code distress system.

More information, both historical and up-to-date, about the Australian Coast Radio Station service can be found here.


04 May 2000