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Northern Ireland Firsts

Three Centimetre (10GHz) Band

The prefixes and countries shown in this listing represent those known to have been worked by radio amateurs operating from the United Kingdom and the detail shows those recorded as worked from Northern Ireland. Countries and Prefixes shown in blue indicate that they have been deleted from the current list of available countries

If you know of any earlier QSOs or additional countries worked, please let me know!

This list is very tentative at present and contains the only first contacts on this band I have so far received. I hope you will help build up a better picture of 3 cms activity from GI by letting me have details of your earliest contacts.

Prefix Country GI Callsign Callsign Worked Date Time
G England ? ? ? ?
GI Northern Ireland GI8YDZ GI4JFP 15.02.1985 15:25
GM Scotland GI8GJX/P GM4ISM ? ?
GW Wales ? ? ? ?
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27 Oct 2009
The 3cm beacon for GI is currently runnung from Carrickfergus on 10368.895 MHz using my callsign and locator.

Power is 1.2 w into a 8 slot waveguide.

Enter your callsign to see if you have an eQSL waiting!

Mail to GI8FLQ

This page was last updated on 27th. October 2009.