Free - to a good home!

Over several years I have rummaged through and collected parts from our "scrap" bins at work. Things like modems, multiplexors, printers, PC's, digital and analogue transmission equipment, optical LAN boxes, testers (audio, data, RF), have all found their way into my little safe haven! If these (can be made to) work, fine, if not, they have been stripped to their useful level to stock my junk-box and component stores. This has resulted in a large collection of components ideal for constructors.
In the spirit of amateur radio, I am happy to donate these free-of-charge to (what I consider) worthy causes.
I will attempt to list here types and quantities of various items, but due to the numbers involved this may take some time!
Anyone who may be interested in a donation are invited to mail me to discuss. Generally, I am looking to assist in the education of prospective amateurs, either in radio or electronics. There are also items that may be useful to established amateurs as well, though - like my popular line in snap-on ferrite-cores.