Here is my PMR Modification Page!

Over the last year or so I have been bitten by the PMR-conversion "bug"! I have (nearly...) completed the conversion of the Storno and the Dymar.
Dymar 2000 (aka Burndept) Conversion to 2m FM transceiver
Storno CQM5662 Conversion to 70cms FM transceiver
Pye A200 Linear Amp Conversion and use on 2m, 4m and 6m.
Pye PF1 PocketFones Tune-up info for 70cms use.
Pye T411 / R412 Rack-mount 420-470MHz Tx/Rx.
Pye T471 / R471 Rack-mount 420-470MHz Tx/Rx.
Pye T401/4001  Rack-mount 420-470MHz Tx.
Pye M294 VHF Crystal controlled transceiver
Pye M296 UHF Crystal controlled transceiver
Cleartone VHF handheld
SMC Handheld
Yaesu PMR Handheld