The Association of Norfolk RAYNET Groups is the co-ordinating body for the four RAYNET Groups in this area, these groups have decided to become affilliated to the recognised National RAYNET Organisation.

Being a member of the National Organisation has a number of benefits, these are not only to the member groups, but also the user services who can call for our assistance 24 Hours a day!

Firstly as members of a National organisation we carry a standard identity badge, we have personal accident insurance cover ( in case we are injured), we are covered for third party liability, we also benefit from a national training scheme (so if a member of one group assists another group outside their regular area, all members are conversent with the same proceedures). Thus we are recognised by   the RSGB, Local, National Goverment agencies & other voluntary service agencies as "THE" RAYNET

What we do !

We are able to provide the "USER SERVICES" with reliable radio communications from fixed, mobile, handheld or portable sites. We are able to cover a large event with a high number of operators or long distance links into various counties or both.

All of this is possible due to our members having a very wide range of equipment, such as Trailer mounted towers, portable masts, in-band & cross-band repeater equipment, generators, emergency lighting etc. Being our own equipment means that we are familiar with it's features, characteristics etc. so in the event of a call we don't have to sit down & read a handbook to see how to turn the radio on or wonder if the batteries are fully charged!

We also have a number of fixed installations at key locations such as emergency centres, hospitals, radio towers which are funded by the various local councils.

The "User Service" are organisations specified by the DTI for whom we may pass third party information, (usually this is excluded in the terms of our licence). They include local goverment emergency planning officers, Police, Fire Service, East Angilan Ambulance NHS Trust, St. John Ambulance & Red Cross.

RAYNET in east anglia work closely with 4x4 Response Network (4x4 RN). The 4x4 RN members use their vehicles to assist in the transportation of Raynet members to points that would otherwise be inaccessable. We crew up on "events" such as Husky events in the forest as well as in "Live Call-out" situations.

Situations where we have worked together in the past on call-outs include, providing "Flood Watch" cover for the police during high tide periods, during extended dry periods the Fire service call on us to keep watch on areas at risk for "Brush fires" starting & by East Anglian Ambulance to assist in the movement of patients when snow falls have made roads impassable for ambulances.

We also regularly train together so that new equipment, ideas & proceedures can be evaluated & accessed prior to being used for real.

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