Mexborough & District Amateur Radio Society


Mexborough and District Amateur Radio Society was formed some 30 years ago and the meetings were held at the old Mexborough Technical College, where the course of the Radio Amateur Examination was held culminating in the award of a City and Guilds Certificate on passing.


As time passed the society moved headquarters to Harrop Hall on Dolcliffe Road where members of the society carried on teaching the Radio Amateurs Examination Course, in particular Eric Rogers (G3MWN ) Contributed a tremendous amount of his time to teaching the course to many people.



With modern technology thing had to change so data communications started to come to the front, not forgetting that speech was still a mainstay of the hobby. A vast amount of the modern technology can be attributed to amateur radio as amateur radio has a vast amount of facets within the hobby. The use of computers also has become an integral part of the hobby.

Amateur radio by its very nature is a hobby of learning and there is a need for people to be taught the hobby and many hams have been able to further their careers and move to better things by being radio hams.


Quite a few hams (radio enthusiasts) have started their careers by being Interested in ham radio, they now work in communications, mobile phones, radio related technology, joining the armed forces or data related jobs (computers).


Since the reorganisation of the license format the license has three levels in order to obtain your full license they are Foundation, Intermediate and Full license, however the Foundation license allows a tremendous coverage on the airways but on limited power.


Mexborough and District Amateur Radio Society has held various special event stations at the scouts Jamboree on the Air, the Guides Thinking Day On The Air, as was the Finningley Air Show, we have also visited local schools to demonstrate amateur radio.


Mexborough and District Amateur Radio Society is a member of the Radio Society Of Great Britain which now controls the education and testing of prospective candidates for the amateur license. The society is the radio hams negotiator with OfCom who allocate frequencies for all airway users. Mexborough and District Amateur Radio Society has during its teaching life taught above 800 people about amateur radio, it may be more but this is a conservative estimate and we have also taught many radio ham morse code. This is thanks to all who have contributed in the teaching at the club.