RSGB VHF Field Day 2002

After last years nationwide cancellation due to foot and mouth disease we were all keen to take part in VHF Field Day once again.  Our usual venue at Aylmer's Farm was unavailable and, after some searching, we were fortunate to be granted access to the playing field attached to the Raytheon Sports & Social Club not so very far from our QTH.
Once again Dave (G3UEG) and Chris (G3SVL) organized and ran the 4/6 metre station but this year we had improved power and antenna systems.  After disappointing results operating 70 cms in previous contests we decided against trying this again and concentrated our efforts on running a 24 hour 2 metre station.

No matter how we arranged the tent poles we just couldn't get the SWR down to an acceptable level.  Perhaps if we all stand around and pretend to be ground planes?

Iain (G4YBN) checking the 2 metre SWR.  Notice how the tent is not putting itself up.

Iain (G4YBN) makes hasty repairs while Phil (M5BTB) supervises

Another VHF field day and another emergency repair to the 2 metre phased array cabling.  Oh look, the SWR is 1:1 now!

Preparing the site

Raising the 6 metre beam
We had so many helpers we didn't really need the guy ropes.  And where did Chris (M5IMI) end up with that reel of power cable?

Our power lead stretched from the generator to John O Groats

Lots of space with the London Road Nortel Networks site in the background.  It's QRM revenge time!

OK.  So now its all setup and working.  What do we do next?
Chris (M5IMI) logging while Mike (G7OBS) handles the mic

Phil (M5BTB) and Chris (M5IMI) top up the generator


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6th/7th July 2002