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Field Day

Starting on the afternoon of Friday 30th June the club established G6BUT/P in preparation for the RSGB VHF Field Day 2000. For the second year running the venue was Aylmer's Farm between Sheering and Harlow in the county of Essex. This year we operated on 70cms, 2 metres, 4 metres, and 6 metres and again operated for the full 24 hours. Most of our club members came to watch if not operate and we were especially pleased to have visits from other local amateurs during the event.

In the 2 Metre tent we have Mike (G7OBS) at the mike, Iain (G4YBN) logging, and Phil (M1BTB) standing by.

This year we were pleased to be joined by Dave (G3UEG) and Chris (G3SVL) who ran the 4/6 metre station

The 70 cms station was again a little quite. Here we see Alex (M1EPR) running the club's FT736R.

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1st/2nd July 2000