2003 Chairman - Alan Daum G3GWE

Chairman Alan (G3GWE)

2nd February, 2003
Stall at the Canvey Island Rally

One of the first stalls to setup for a change!

It got very busy

This year's Canvey Island rally was another success.  Thanks go to Alan (G3GWE), Phil (M5BTB), Alex (M1EPR) and Chris (M5IMI) for raising valuable funds while clearing space in the Barn.

24th March, 2003
Yet Another Barn Cleanup (The Day of Two Skips)

11th May, 2003
Stall at the Dunstable Downs (Luton) Rally

Terry (M3TJB) and Alan (G3GWE) minding the stall

Treasurer Phil (M5BTB) minding the profits

Despite half the club jaunting off to enjoy themselves in a windmill some members gave up their Sunday to help ensure that we have teabags and coffee at our weekly meetings.

Old lamps for new...

Who will buy my junk...

Nobody leaves without buying something, and that means you in the kilt

Watch this space...

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