Harlow Amateur Magazine

Winter 1999

GB2CL Special Event

On the weekend 17/18th July, members of the Harlow and District Amateur Radio Society helped in running a special event station at Clacton-on-Sea Lifeboat House on the pier. The event was organised by Mark, 2E0APH.

We are pleased to report that the weekend event was a success. The weather was pleasing, it being the warmest day of the year (so far). The event was aimed at giving the newly licensed novices the experience of handling a ‘pile-up’ on the air and getting used to the accepted operating procedure. We made approximately 460 contacts world-wide but 40m (7Mhz) was the more interesting band as we had a pile up all day!! A full list of participants and many pictures of the event can be found at the GB2CL web site (www.qsl.net/g6ut/gb2cl/gb2cl.htm)

There was an unexpected visit on the pier that attracted a crowd. A helicopter decided to land on the pier about 100 yards from the operating site. The pier staff hurried to the scene with anger. In the end, he picked his wife up and flew home!!!!

After the disappointment of cancelling the 1999 Harlow Rally, the planning of next years event has been enthusiastically started. During the year we have received many enquiries regarding the rally, demonstrating the wide support for the event. There has been much discussion about a new format and, following the RSGB Hamfest example, we have decided to broaden the event beyond the traditional radio rally boundaries.

Harlow Radio
Hobbies Rally
Mark Hall School
2nd July 2000

If you can help in any way then please contact Alex (2E1GZY) as soon as possible. We need help in:

  • Planning and Ideas
  • Managing Theme Areas
  • Staffing our own stalls
  • Recruiting other clubs

So, if you or your XYL would like to take a turn serving coffees or you feel inclined to put your radio-controlled toaster on display then please don’t hesitate. Your club needs you!

Harlow and District
Amateur Radio Society
Meetings every Tuesday
8pm local time
Mark Hall Barn
Tel/Fax: 01279-864973
Mobile: 0793-1207184
Email: g6ut@qsl.net

Transmission ’99

The Transmission ’99 event held on 9th/10th October saw the G6BUT callsign on the air in aid of charity. A letter of thanks has been received from the Wireless For The Blind Fund for the 42.10 that was raised.

New Aerials

Saturday 17 April 1999 saw a working party descending on Mark Hall Barn to construct and raise a new aerial array. The previous aerial system had been almost totally destroyed when a failure of the mast winch caused the whole lot to come down faster than it should have. Fortunately nobody was hurt. You can see photos from the day at the club web site (www.qsl.net/g6ut)

The new stack is made up of:

  • a 5 element 6 metre Tonna
  • a 21 element 70 cms Tonna
  • a pair of G3JVL 48 element loop yagis, with a gasfet mast head pre-amp for 23cms
  • a 15 element long yagi for 2 metres
  • an A3S 3 element HF triband beam

Roger (G0AWY) makes last minute adjustments


Mark Hall Barn was open to local Scouts on Saturday, 16th October 1999 as part of the JOTA event. Organised a little late, the attendance was disappointing but the Scouts and Cubs who attended had fun. Even the eight club members who helped out seemed to enjoy the event which saw a surprise 6 metre opening to Italy at around mid-day.

The station was run using the club's FT-736 with most activity taking place on SSB via a stretched 2 metre yagi. Unfortunately the photographer was distracted while our visitors were on-site but we did get one picture of Mike (G7OBS) filling in time on the day.

Signs That You Are Not Serious Enough
About Amateur Radio

  • You don’t have a fixed antenna
  • You can’t give your call sign in phonetics as naturally as you do in letters
  • You only have one piece of radio equipment
  • Whenever you go on the air you find yourself telling people that you have been away from the hobby for a while

Items for
Sale or Exchange

A fossilised valve believed to be from the Triassic period. Found locally and perfectly preserved in Hamosaurus dung. Offers to Richard (2E1HKE).
Assorted computer components suitable for renovation. Exchange for high specification multimedia PC. Contact Stefan (2E1HAX).
Assorted pieces of wire, most lengths available. Suit construction project and compatible with most brands of solder. Contact Alex (2E1GZY).

Young Amateur of the Year

Club member, and Novice Training Secretary, Mark Haynes (2E0APH) has been awarded the title of 1999 Young Amateur of the Year. This prestigious award is handed out by the Radio Society of Great Britain and the Radiocommunications Agency and is sponsored by a host of organisations. This is not Mark’s first brush with fame. In 1997 he was named runner-up in the competition and appeared on Blue Peter to promote the hobby. He also made it to the last four in 1998. Mark received his award at the HF Convention in October. The committee would like to extend their fondest congratulations to Mark, on behalf of all members of G6UT.


The club took part in the RSGB 50 MHz Fixed contest in April coming a respectable fifth place despite only running 25 watts.

In July we established G6BUT/P at Aylmer’s Farm just outside Harlow for the VHF Field Day. The results are yet to be published.

Warning Signs That You Are Getting In Too Deep

  • You find yourself using headphones, turning the microphone gain up and talking quietly to avoid being overheard
  • You encourage other family members to get involved so that you don’t feel so guilty
  • Sleeping under canvas in a farmer’s field, going without food and freezing your socks off suddenly starts to sound like fun
  • You attend local club meetings and events religiously

HADARS on the web

HADARS by E-mail

Input Required

The committee would like to thank Alex (2E1GZY), Mark (2E0APH), and Chris (2E1GZX) for their efforts in producing this newsletter. In the forthcoming Spring edition we hope to include some interesting technical and historical articles.

If you would like to write something for inclusion or have some equipment that you would like to advertise in the Sale or Exchange section, then please contact a member of the committee.

We also need teachers and pupils for our continuing Novice, RAE, and Morse training.

Remember, this is your club and your newsletter. Get more out of it by putting more into it.

Signs That It Is Time To Find Another Hobby

  • When at school or work you try to identify other amateurs by tapping out a morse CQ call using you pencil on the table top
  • You regularly use the phonetic alphabet while talking to shop assistants and people you meet in the street
  • At social gatherings you try to ‘work’ everyone present in the shortest possible time
  • Where ever you go your morse key goes too

Harlow Amateur Magazine

Winter 1999

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