Transmission Fund Raiser

Every year since 1999 the Harlow And District Amateur Radio Society has participated in this charity fund raising event.  Operating using the club callsigns G6UT, G6BUT or M5BUT we typically operate over the two days, talking to local Transmission stations as well as telling the world what we are about.  Thanks to all involved, especially those club members who so generously supported the cause.

Chris (M5IMI) operating the FT1000MP

Lorna (M3LRW) raising the mast

Yagi stack

Alex (M1EPR) posing

The British Wireless for the Blind Fund was founded by a British soldier, Capt. Sir Beachcroft Towse (VC KCVO CBE) blinded in action during the Boer War.  On Christmas afternoon in 1929 Winston Churchill helped launch the Fund when  he gave an impassioned appeal for money to buy wireless sets.  At the time a reliable radio cost just 2, today they cost a lot more.

In his recent appeal on behalf of the Fund Richard Baker (OBE RD) said:
The slogan of the British Wireless for the Blind Fund, "Keeping blind people in touch with the world," summarises the work and objective of the Fund. We should never forget that the onset of blindness is so often accompanied by a considerable feeling of isolation and loneliness.  If something as simple and everyday as a radio set can help make such a difference, which I know it truly does, then surely it must not be denied.

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