Trip to HMS Belfast



On Sunday 28th April 2002 the club had a day out in London.  We were invited by the Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society (RNARS) HMS Belfast group to look around the ship and operate from the Bridge Wireless Office using the famous GB2RN callsign.



Launched in March 1938 the cruiser HMS Belfast served with distinction in both the Second World War and the Korean War.  She is the only surviving example of the big gun armoured warships built for the Royal Navy in the first half of the twentieth century.


Walkway to HMS Belfast


Standard displacement: 11.553 tons
Length: 187 metres
Beam: 21 metres
Draught: 6.1 metres
4x Admiralty 3-drum boilers
4x steam powered turbines
4x 80,000 shaft horsepower

Maximum Speed: 32 knots
Crew: 750-850
Armour: 114mm side, 76mm deck
4x3 6-inch
4x2 4-inch HA/LA
6x2 40mm Bofors


Lunch time in the Bridge Wireless Office

Alan (M3TEC)


John (G0PTG)

Andy and John - the day after passing their Foundation Exam



Lorna (2E1HKD/M3LRW)

Chris Early, Andy Sims (M3???), Richard (2E1HKE)


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