Harlow & District
Amateur Radio

Saturday 17 April, 1999 saw a working party descending on Mark Hall Barn to construct and raise a new aerial array. Much hard work was put in by some with many others providing witness!

Construction of the 6 metre beam. Iain (G4YBN) and Mike (G7OBS)
A sudden April shower (with hail stones) caught the team by surprise. Iain (G4YBN), Roger (G0AWY), Chris (2E1GZX), Phil (M1BTB)

Mike (G7OBS) getting a different perspective of the task ahead

Mark (2E0APH) and Simon (2E0ASW) trying to look busy

Iain (G4YBN) wonders where all the helpers have gone
A last minute glitch. Roger (G0AWY) fixes the problem while Keith (G3WRO), Iain (G4YBN) and Phil (M1BTB) look on
Mark (2E0APH) likes climbing too!
Nearly there...
Just a little winding up...

And we have the finished product

6m a 5 element Tonna

70cms a 21 element Tonna

23cms a pair of G3JVL 48 element loop yagis, one for TX and one for RX with a gasfet mast head pre-amp

2m a 15 element long yagi

HF an A3S 3 element triband beam


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