HF SSB Field Day - 1/2 September 2001

On the 1st of September of 2001 the members of Harlow and District Amateur Radio Society packed gear into their cars and drove out to Aylmer's Farm to compete in the HF SSB Field Day contest. As only a hand full of the members turned up to help set up the station it was a little slower than expected. After pumping up the 60ft mast with the aerials attached, the already tired team, began to set up the two tents that would hold the rigs and provide shelter. We hired a 3KVA generator and used our club radios; a Yaseu FT 1000 MP running 100w on HF and an ICOM 746 for 2 metres.  The club's A/B callsign was used - M5BUT.

The operators stayed on air until the contest had finished, making around 200 contacts. Our contest manager, Mike(G7OBS), has yet to check the logs but, when they are sent off, we will report the statistics here.

Members that took part in the HF SSB Field day were:

Alex(M1EPR) Alan(M5WAD)
Chris(M5IMI) Iain(G4YBN)
Barry(G8YNL) Dave(G3UEG)

Photos from the event:

Laying out the aerials and tents.   Planning, Dave (G3UEG), Mike(G7OBS) and Iain (G4YBN)
  Barry(G8YNL) and Mike(G7OBS) wearing his ?esbian tee-shirt .  
Fixing the mast on the ground   Getting ready to put the mast up. Iain(G4YBN),  Mike(G7OBS), Barry(G8YNL) and Dave(G3UEG)
  Club members pumping up the mast - Alex (M1EPR) and Iain (G4YBN)  
The HF operating tent.   The two tents and aerial location on the field.
  The 2m operating tent was used for local chat and to give away some points in the 144MHz Trophy contest.  
Finishing touches!   A tired club member!
  The Aerials at night time.  
Alex(M1EPR) operating the 2m Station.   Dave (G3UEG) and Mike (G7OBS)


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